The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

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It was no problem. I have since decided all knowledge should be shared freely so when i saw one if mine was here i might as well put it out there

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Updated with several new stories which I’ll post links to below. However, it looks like I’ve run into an impasse. @Lady_Eva I think i may be the first person to reach the character limit for a post. As i tried to update this, i got an error message saying, “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 32233.” So i had to cut the extra 200 or so characters from the intro in order to fit these last stories. But this means that I will no longer be able to update this as it is physically impossible, unless you have some tools which will allow me to expand it :blush:

Btw @DA_KD …you asked for proof, you got linked to this thread several times, lady eva told you to read it while your thread was locked…but you just went back to making comments like this as if no one posted you the link to this thread:

If you were wondering why you got so much animosity in your last thread, this is why.

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That’s BS mate. Women struggle and fund c arsed bards or weak minded pimps or fkc’'s who think women single in their 40s are desperate. BS. Too.

Hi there ,
Is it safe for a starter to do this type of magick

Welcome @jostnajonn Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

I haven’t updated this in a while, so heres a few new success stories ive stumbled upon over the last few months that ive now added to the list


I would like to add my recent successful remote viewing here, not to toot my own horn although I do have a tendency to gloat form time to time Lol but it is a good example for those who may have some skepticism they are having difficulty getting over that could be effecting their results. It’s a well known fact within the occult community that skepticism can outright cancel your attempts. It’s the age old story if you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.


I petition bune to consecrete my bune necklace dedicated to bune and for gambling wealth luck or money luck bringing riches to me. Then i talk to my necklace to help me be lucky and win throughout the gambling sessions. spent 14 hrs gambling and i walked away 600 bucks. It was up and down, mainly up. It’s not easy to spend that long a time and end up winning when you bet minimun 5/10 to max 20 bucks max at the tables… So thanks bune. I could of left the first hr cuz i won like 200 from slots. stayed cuz i thought i can make more at the tables. Started off rough at the tables until i ask bune for help, then it was gradual up hill with low bets. Imagine i bet higher after i ask for his help. would of been lots more.

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wisepup do you even bet games of chances like Liverpool is taking on Southampton. Do bet this

I like casinos. i don’t do sports. With sports of 1 vs 1 sports team. One can use i ching divination to decide which team will win. IT’s good practice for anyone doing any kind of divination method.

please bro, PM me in privacy

Another success. Just got back from casino. I just got my ring of asmoday. I did an invocation and ask him to consecrete or petition the ring for gambling luck as he’s the demon of gambling. Also as to make it also a ring to attract lust of ladies to me. I had to wait like a month to get the ring. Laser engrave of his sigil to a steel ring. It’s cheaper cost from china. haaha. 12 bucks vs 80 bucks usa engrave one. don/t need expensive one. It looks decent quality. got engrave sigil ring steel ring from amazon. Anyhow, I took my ring to casino today. talk to the ring. 'Asmoday give me winning gambling luck for the 35 bucks free play i’m getting from casino and let me not run down my own 100 bucks that i put in. Got decent hit on free play. 100 up. then lost half. move to another slot 3 machines away. got down to my own 100 left ,and then hit bonus round. in bonus round. Got full screen and hit 250. Took that 280 win to black jack switch table game. said i’ll just use 100 and if lose i’ll leave with 100 since bus was in an hr. Took that 100 and build it up to total win of 480 bucks. went to eat and left with 480 profit in 2 hrs work. yippie kai yeah!! mother asmoday!! I think it was asmoday helping me. what u think?

Need to test it out some more. I have a mammon ring too but that’s not just for gambling but wealth. asmoday is more dedicated just for gambling or lust. I also have bune necklace too which i told you folks about. I also always wear my abraxas pendant which have the 7 olympic spirit sigil.


wisepup glad to hear that. Hail asmoday

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Damn, I love this thread! Lifts my spirits everytime.
I feel as hopeful as a child when I read these success stories.

I know this is old af but … holy shit

If this is not magick, I don’t know what it is.


@Aether @Bizarre thank you both…glad you guys find it useful :slight_smile:

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Hey guys. I have a success story here.

I don’t think it counts as a “get my ex back” kind of story cause I didn’t had a relation with the girl in question but, there is some rekindling so it might be helpful to those seeking to rekindle love

Anyways, I met this girl on Tinder bla bla bla we had great sex bla bla bla. She had serious daddy issues (her daddy divorced her mother when she was 2, but he’s a huge asshole and was stranged her entire life), so of course she trusted no man and she had the habit of pushing men away whenever she started to catch some feelings (basic defense mechanism). That habit of her caused us to fight a lot. More than once she told me she didn’t wanted to see me anymore. She tried to push me away telling me very awful shit about her. I was going to give up on her but I decided to try magick for relationships once again. Like many here, I got into magick to get an ex back but didn’t worked (I was desperate). This time I wasn’t desperate, I mean, I liked the girl but I wasn’t in love or anything. I called on Sallos, Sitri and Dantalion. It kind of worked. I saw changes with her.
Anyways, after she told me she didn’t wanted to speak to me ever again we were talking again (thanks to the demons and myself) but I fucked up and said something terrible to her. She got crazy mad and for over a week we didn’t talked to each other. In that week I decided to call on those same demons, but this time I was going to be more specific about what I wanted with her.
After that week passed she’s changed completely. She’s caring, she’s sexy, she’s everything.
A girl who wanted nothing to do with me practically wants me to be her boyfriend.

Anyone having trouble with love should call on those demons, especially Sallos. Just remember not to lust on results and to TRUST in demons. They can do anything if you trust.


Wow, mate! Congrats

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