That Moment When 6: Happy Trails to TMW! I'll Hope to See You Soon!

I remember you giving him warnings to follow the Rules

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I also had several lengthy PM conversations where he mocked everyone on this forum as babies and then claimed his phone, not him, was responsible for the things he was saying, and kept acting increasingly dumb… it’s like Troll 101 to get people arguing over him and claim to be the victim of malicious or inept mods. :man_shrugging:

When he was trying to undermine member-moderation, he followed a formal caution 24 hours later with an escalation in the same behaviour, these are not the actions of a normal person, he’s just trying to see how much destruction he can get away with.

He just tried to join up again as I was tidying this up and handling flags. :roll_eyes:


I didn’t know he was that messed up.Damn :joy:


He did insult me in some threads but i ignored, tried to trigger me in the music thread too :grin: only response i made was giving his own taste of troll material


Since you mentioned my name directly and openly as if to warn me:
you are free to view my TL3 status if my preference towards liking someone on a personal level is already enough to do so. His new actions have nothing to do with a more companionship-y forum past that we shared in more or less tasteless ways and for a lack of private contacts I was just a bit happy about one last salute.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Which is how the forum would degenerate into just trolls trolling trolls.

Sorry but there are plenty of topics for fucking around a bit, his stuff was malicious and if people are TL3, and lose that, get several chances to sort their shit out, and blow that, I’m no longer interested in them as members and they just become another troll attacking the community.

I will repeat: he ASKED for his account to be nuked, I had tried talking him down and all he did was mock the forum and refuse to engage.

How is it a last salute when he ASKED to have it nuked?

If people keep “Liking” his shit (and he did just set up a new account after I banned this one and responded to the flags) and talking to him like it’s a strange tragic mystery he got banned, that is going to encourage him to keep trying.

TL3 is mod-lite, as you well know, so I am not certain at which point I’d have to consider it a conflict, since it’s never actually happened before. This is, however, in the old, pre-2017 rules:

I gave him every chance to stop trolling on here and he completely refused to be reasonable, and asked for the temp time-out I had given him to cool his heels be made permanent, and now he’s whining about that.

If someone is trolling a forum, after having lost and also renounced any rights to membership, and other members are cheering them on, what would you do?


Didn’t knew that I was cheering on him. But cool. Whatever that was that you perceived.

You know damn well that I took my TL3 stuff rather serious so far, if I see BS I flag it and I ALSO flagged stuff of him that spiraled out of control (for example when he made the other account right after he got banned, if you remember?). I lounge topics faster than my shadow when it comes to dubious movements and my tolerance towards serious forum rule breaches goes towards 0.

I am sorry that he got so hard on you via PM but again: I don’t see ANY signs from my side that signaled “You go, man! You did well!” and calling me out openly instead of seeking out private contact because of some kind of vague interpretation makes me seriously think about any further kinds of open involvements on here.

If you decide to chide me openly like a dog that peed on the carpet because I dared to show one sign of interaction, thats up to you. I won’t involve myself into any further discussions towards this or similar topics, neither openly nor via pm.
Don’t take it personal, I would have loved to solve this privately :slight_smile:


Thats exactly what he wanted people,stop arguing yall. :white_flag:


@A_Pariah, you clicked Like on his post, where he was playing the matryr, so I added information on what happened, with a screenshot and a link no less as verifiable proof, then asked people to please reconsider that action.

Yes, you do, and it’s all great. :+1:

He didn’t get hard on me, he was sarcastically polite to me while mocking everyone else.

I responded openly becaudse I wanted to make sure you saw the reply, and the information about why he was permanently banned, and for other TL3 people to see that the situation was serious.

If a banned troll, no matter how much you may have liked him (and I had no beef with him whatsoever until he began trolling) is able to get TL3 people Liking his posts, what does that say about the forum, and what signal does it send to new members, and those who may not be sure how member-moderation works?

That was my intent and I stand by it, nothing to do with peeing the rug, though the forum-equivalent would be the fact this topic’s title was briefly changed to mention this now-banned troll, so whatever. :man_shrugging:

I just wanted to let everyone know that the more attention he gets, Likes on his posts etc., the more people talk and better yet, argue, over him, the more he’s going to keep coming back. I’ve seen it before. :slight_smile:


Oooh, let’s all have more conversations about you and argue over you and what you mean. :roll_eyes:

Unoriginal. :wink:


Tmw you try the halo theme in the bathroom
Damn the echoing


Dude I cannot stop hearing it now, thank you :expressionless:

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I watched this and im trying to do the same thing :joy:


TMW stuff is starting to finally chill the fuck
Out :joy::joy:


Tmw I dont remember what I was gunna say so heres a meme.

Oh i remembered
Magickal cashbook works.
Buy all the wonder bread your dick desires you filthy animal

I am not into wonder bread. I get the people who like it, though.


Tmw vegan chicken adobo 🙆😋

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In your next reincarnation can you be a little less annoying?

I was a fan of your older work, but it lost its touch and now you are just a walking meme :confused:

A dead banned meme at that. :grimacing:

I honestly dont think anyone cares, and I dont think everyone love Eva. Thats a rather strong word to use haha.


tmw u r living tm


I am, and I must say i prefer tmw thread to be full of unoriginal memes over sensible ones.