Thanks it's been a pleasure

Guys it’s been a pleasure it truly has, I hope you all the greatest feets of ascent power and blessing to you all my brothers and sisters :new_moon::metal:.



To you as well brother. May you ascend be full of adventure and excitement.

May I ask where you are going?

@Sheogorath Going to be a Demonic King I believe. He made a post earlier.

I read that. But the way I read this tread was as if he was leaving BALG.

@Sheogorath Leaving this Earthly Plane involves leaving BALG doesn’t it?

Whups, went into Sheogorath mood. Yeah, you are right. Of course unless he will still be able to walk on this mundane plane.

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We will see soon I suppose. If @C.Kendall replies that is.

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Becoming a demonic king? Where’s the thread about it?


To clarify what I mean is I need some serious SERIOUS GROUNDING, I’m constantly doing magick and evoking and soul traveling.

Working with the nine demonic kings, gatekeepers, Lucifer, Ahriman, Salanayus, Ascended masters, Papa Legba, Odin and more.

I’ve done countless rituals, meditations, soul travels, evocations, empowering rituals, many MANY possessions.

All in the space of five days, that’s not including spirits constantly popping up out of no where and I’m raising my daughter and trying to manage, a normal life.

Now i’ve got this most intense ritual of infernal majesty next so I’m a busy magician :joy:.


@C.Kendall Will you be back?

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Hopefully, I can’t stay away from you guys you’re family at the end of the day.


Some are more like the family pet, piddling on the rug then going all cute and demanding ear scritchies, but hey… :laughing:


Haha yeah I know they say you shouldn’t have favourites but …



Power to you and yours brother.

Be well.


Always at your call, brother, and I hope you don’t stay away forever. Your work is always a joy to read, and may your life remain full of what you desire

Best of luck to you! May you find whatever it is that you seek.

Ah, you’ll be sorely missed if you don’t come back. But, I wish you the best regardless of your choice.

And, hey, by becoming a demonic king, you could be evoked/invoked by others.