Thank you C.Kendall!

Hello Friends!!!

@C.Kendall !!! This guy is 100% legit!!! I hired him for a ritual to help with my relationship matter . He studied my case and accepted to do it. A man of few words no fluff, no bluff. He performed my ritual last Tuesday and honestly I have been a mess case lusting for results and trying to do multiple things on the side. I highly recommend people not do this. Trust the process!!! Doubt cancels trust!!! Anyways, my fiance of 5 years who stubbornly broke up with me and stubborn that we are fully over is now talking to me for the last two days even though it is for a family matter. He even called me “sweetheart” and “babe”. I believe it was more of a habit but hey I will take it. This is the start! Cant wait for my fiance to officially restart our relationship and seal the deal. I am going to be having C.Kendall take me to the finish line. Hail C.Kendall - the living god!!! <3 Thank you sir!!!
Disclaimer: He has no idea I am writing this review as I haven’t even told him of my results yet!!!

Also thanks to beautiful folks like @Norski, @Dlight333, @Hippyhair - These are now my friends for life!!! @Norski is such a sweetheart. He is my little brother. @Dlight333 is the most kindred spirit and beautiful soul I have ever met! I hope to meet her in real life soon @Hippyhair is my buddy in crime as we walk through this process together!!! Truly Magick is bringing me back my life!!! When life is unfair, you make it fair!!! I cant wait to learn to do the rituals myself and thanks to @Norski I have gotten my feet wet into this journey!

Special mention to @Lady_Eva and @DarkestKnight for keeping this place in order for us.


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Did you just have to contact him on here to hire him for the work ?

Welcome @Cheyh93 Please properly introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


What demon helped ?


That is all that is needed

Thanks pretty amazing that is ritual is working for you! He’s pretty damn good at what he does. I am excited and happy for you! Update us when the wedding date is set :grinning::champagne:


Thank you!!! I will!!! I cant wait for my fiance to acknowledge he wants me back and we are back as a couple. He hasnt asked me to come home or said he will come home. So this needs to happen first. We are long distance. I feel the resistance from him because of his big ego. I even feel that he might have caught himself off-guard when he said sweetheart and babe in our conversation today.

Our breakup was due to his stubbornness because he actually loves me deeply. Our entire relationship was full of love and this was due to his midlife crisis. He needs to wake up from this crisis!


He will it’s only a matter of time. I see lots of great things coming up into your future!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: This is so exciting!! I definitely need updates because I am a huge fan of love and love winning!


Yay I’m someone’s BALG brother!

Don’t tell anyone! I’m supposed to be a douchebag remember? :wink:

Glad it’s starting to unfold. You’ll be hooked for life after you get your first result you can call your own. This stuff is the very code the universe is written with :metal:

Keep it up, it looks good on you :+1:


@Norski have long ways to go !!! I gotta learn so much from you!!!

You keep doing your thang! You BE you!! Nobody’s opinion or approval is needed.

I have tons of things to tell you so much. Text me when you have time. Hope your day went great!!!

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You’ll get really hungry for it after you start getting results. The fun part is knowing magick works but you can make some styles/currents work better than others for a given situation. Then you get to explore it all

And it’s what I do :black-santa:

Sounds good babes, today was nuts in almost every way…


Thank you so much for the kind words!! It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, & being your partner in crime in this!! I enjoy our conversations!! This post made my night!! I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner!! :blush::blush:


Congratulations keep up the positive attitude it helps trust me this is amazing



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Good to hear thank you for your kind words.



If you don’t mind me asking, would you allow me to pm you more about personal advice regarding my path?

Also, I’m still awaiting response regarding the channeling I’m interested in. If you haven’t gotten to the message yet for any number of reasons, that’s fine.

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Actually I have something to ask you as well


Yeah sure


Yeah of course

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@C.Kendall Hello there~
I want to master soul travel. Do you have any course for mastering It.