Temple of Ascending Flame

Do you work on “The Many Faces of Set”?

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No. The Acending Flame Project, tuning to Lucifer

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I guess you started the initial project. There are other open projects, too.
The purpose of this project is to exerience the energies of the Temple’s Current and to see if it works for you.
As far as I remember, it’s a seven days project. Maybe you should see how it goes.
But, if you already feel it’s not for you, maybe you should stop waisting your time.

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I passed many of them, open and inner ones, but as a member of ToAF, I guess my opinion is highly subjective :slight_smile:

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What can you tell me about the process of self-transformation and transmutation? Do you think AF helped you in that?

Yes, self-transformation could be the key word on my journey. Also, I’ve been experiencing the deeper understanding of my essence.
We are all different, so the Draconian path can lead you to some very unexpected places.


Do the full seven days and record everything. Be sure to write up your final report in pdf format if you are turning this into the TOAF admin which I assume to be Asenath or someone.

I’ve been tempted to redo it again. It wasn’t so strong for me as I had done a different initial meeting with Lucifer a year before (was one I cobbled together from many examples of other rituals). Some say the first is the most intense and I’d almost agree if others weren’t equally intense. Again, for me it comes down to dreams then synchronicities.

The set it, forget it and BELIEVE IT SUCCESSFUL, is what I try to go by.

Drop the doubt and with without it (the doubt).

And he’ll, have fun with it! Get excited and go a little crazy. Build up the well of energy until it explodes.

I found the Fire exhilarating.


Thank you! I will sure try your advises tonight on second day of invocation!

This book is full of information. Very usefull stuff.


I did the project and it went really well for me. I felt very in-tune with it, but, I haven’t sent in my report because of the Skype interview. I have social issues, and I don’t feel like the Skype thing is going to work for me, unfortunately. It’s too bad, because the rest was going great. If it wasn’t for that, I would have already submitted my report, but I guess I’m on my own. Good luck to you, though.

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Thanks. I have actually ordered it already few days ago, waiting for its arrival!

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That is interesting! I did not know that there is supposed to be a Skype interview.
Perhaps it could be good for ascending? any phobia in that matter…Good chance to overcome.

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@BlackMagik, could be, but I’m not there yet. I’ve got some other things to overcome first, but that is a good suggestion. Perhaps one day. Hope all goes well for you.

Also, to note, the first day wasn’t all that strong for me, either. The next couple of days, especially the third day, I would say, I really felt in the current. Only you will know how it works out for you.

Thank you! I can say already that yesterday ( day2 ) was very strong compared to the 1st day, and today is the third day, so i will see how it goes from here. I wish you good luck with that as well and hope you’ll be able to overcome this things. In fact i know you will.


So i am already on the 3rd week of the introductory course and as there were some remarkable experiences, most of it is guided meditation and i do not feel like I have experienced some self-transformation. Maybe it is still to early to judge or maybe i do not see it yet and only after a while i will see the process has been there all along. What would you say?

I started the project tonight. The first session was uneventful. I did feel some aspects of another presence in the temple space but nothing dramatic. The meditation was all over the place for me with things coming to mind that I hardly ever think about. More random than anything else. The sigil did not activate. But then I’ve not had much luck with them thus far. All in all, I have a good feeling about this and believe that tomorrow night will be stronger.

Last year I did the Ascending Flame 7 day project. It was very eventful for me personally. I got a lot out of it. I turned in all of my experiences and was accepted to do the introductory course. Only issue at that point was I got cold feet due to issues at home etc. I also deviated for some reason to a different and more mundane form of “Satanism”. I recently have been left with a void needing to be filled by the Void so I asked Asenath if I could continue to pursue the Introductory course and she said, of coarse.

Welcome @NaHhash. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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I can say you guys need to try it. Is great!!! The 6th day will be revealed your special luciferic skill or some important aspect about yourself.

Ad majorem Luciferi Satanae Gloriam


I finished it and simultaneously have a lot going on personally, before I really feel like I’m ready to begin the 11 week rite.