Summoning hellhound


is it possible to summon a hellhound to go after someone or is that to dangerous for the summoner. like will they betray the Conjurer/summoner.
and how do you summon a hellhound.


Not if you don’t offend/piss the beast off. Also, do NOT summon them if you’re scared of them. They will give you what you want.

As for summoning one, no clue… Call out to one?




I not really scared of demons and I would treat it with as much respect as i would want to be treated so very high.


Really? Good to know.


In that case you’ll be fine


If you want one, that’s where you go


I wonder if you can have one as a partner like a familiar but not


Basically yes


Depends. Some entities are nice enough that they will go the extra step to be nice if you are scared. Good advice in general though.


I agree. Its just a blanket statement that is usually correct. If you’re scared of the work, you shouldnt be performing it


Yes. Fear is part of the initiation at times. Essentially, I can’t name names but I’ve been told by an entity that performing the ritual despite the fear was a test. I speculate (from inference and conjecture) that I might not be intact right now if I hadn’t passed. That’s something to consider.


well I did a ritual. i called out to Lucifer and asked him calmly, and nicely to send me two hellhound as partners. as so I heard a soft voice say don’t be afraid. then things start to get a little aggressive of sorts(nothing physical harmed me) I hard something heavy walk u the stairs, and started towards me then scratching noises on the carpet. then a low growling sound coming from both parts of my room and intense heat was in front of me. I did not show no fear stayed perfectly calm and in a clear voice offered one of my ritual swords as a home for them. then thanked Lucifer for it. so yes I think the most problem people have is the fear factor

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I realise this post is old but did go through with it and what was your experience like ?


It is very possible to summon a Hellhound,and if you want one of them to attack someone,ask a spirit like Hecate to send her hellhounds and kill this person.Simple prayer always works.Also,Cerber is a very famous hellhound and he serves Hades he is a protector of the gates of the Underworld so you can summon him too


Yeah, that would be awesome