Suhn'tal'ock,building an empire

"for most of the start of an empire
the divine castle must be builded
the mind of the sorcer,the temple

learn to calm down storms and tornados,learn to make this world binded to your will"

“change your internals and then change the external
everything is an reflection of you”

how i change my mind?my perception?my beliefs?

"you must know what you seek to control
and change…so see your mind,your beliefs and thoughts.see them…

for changing them you must wreck the old…so ignore it and focus on the new built that is being builded.see your mind"

suhn’tal’ock can you give me a chant to call you?

es’pama har’aya itz mel sahn’ta’nel saks
bah’ahma suhn’tal’uza

he aslo give me these strange words

shssss saaah yaaaah maakss


Great job!

HMMM OK interesting. Update if you can.

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I’ve had very similar conversations. But honestly, these feel like very obvious things that I already knew, none of which are very actionable statements.

Well first for me he advised me to build my internals (mindset, beliefs)
Then go to the external world to fix it