Subdue or Remove

So I just recently started a new job and already there’s someone trying to ruine my chances and give me a bad name to get me fired. I’ve been able to move around her and avoid her until recently. Now in my mind I have always tried to avoid baneful works but my patience with this human has come to a very obvious end. Now I’m curious because I dont wat to “harm” this person just simply remove them from this job. I’m very into the idea of Amdusias and I thought perhaps I can “Bend this tree to my will” but I’m curious if there’s any other way that’s more suitable than sending a demon to do my bidding.


cast a banishing spell. or a stfu spell.

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Yes, try this:

Lots of great successes with that one, from people on here, other forums, in my own life as well. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful, it shall be done :smiling_imp:

You can always use a sweetening jar spell. Get a Jar with a sealable lid fill the jar with water sugar and honey. Then if you can find out her name (full is better) write it on a piece of paper then laminate it and place it in the jar and shake it everytime you need her to be sweet. place it in the fridge then take it out and shake it when ever nessesary.


Using the honey jar might even give you a chance to clap her cheeks. These are mighty potent.

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That’s a very interesting idea

Hahaha that’s hilarious