Stalker Issue (Exploring options)

Not sure if this should be in general discussion or under baneful. So going to just keep it here till otherwise told to move it.

So here’s the information I have so far.
A friend had this stalker issues for, I want to say a little over a year, The guy is someone she went on I think one date or something with. Well shortly after turned to physically stalking and apparently got violent once.

After the last incident I decided to get involved and did a binding spell on him to essentially put a stop to this. And that worked well for about 6 months, but apparently now he’s back so I could use some suggestions for a more permanent solution to this.

One bit of info on the target. He may or may not be practicing some sort of like wicca or something. His profile pictures that i can see and the information I have says that he at least knows of the stuff (has a picture of the wicca wheel of the year and wears a Mjolnir pendant and other norse / celtic symbols.

No real evidence that he does any kind of magick but at the same time no real evidence against it. So any suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Side note, before it gets suggested, Technically no real law has been broken, so really can’t go the legal route. That was my first suggestion when this started.


Try this

a lot of people reporting good news from it.


Thank you, I’ll definitely have to try this one out :smile:


Ah yes, stalking: when two people go for a nice night time walk together but only one of them knows about it. Honest opinion? Fry the fucker. The unfortunate reality in many cases of stalking is that there is often no legal recourse until the worst has already happened. You mentioned he has already become violent, and that this is a long term obsession. I would suggest you immediately start thinking of him as an imminent threat to your friend’s life. I am usually the last one to advocate a direct magickal attack, but at this point it is defense of life, so every time you have any second thoughts just think of how much worst it could be if you lost your friend.

I would get that concern out of your head right now. You are already adding a negative thoughtform into the mix. Consider that information as something helpful; now you know to be extra nasty, and quick about it. Move on from there.

Before you attack him with anything baneful you may wish to cause a severe complication in his life, something that will exhaust and distract him, lowering any defenses he may have in place. Then throw the nastiest thing you have at him to remove him from the situation with prejudice.

Honestly, I would not get too hung up on him possibly being a practitioner of anything. It sounds like he is too busy scaring the shit out of people to be a truly effective magician.

Waidmann’s heil.


Well if you get his address send him some pizzas. Sorry inappropriate. The best thing your friend can do is gather evidence. For an attack I suggest Glasya-Labolas.


I don’t know the rules about categorising but I am pretty sure a Baneful working is what you are looking for.

I am really not a big fan of binding spells. Just curse to kill, and make it as painful as possible. Throw the nastiest thing you have at him.

Interesting. Maybe just in case cast a spell to cut their connection to whatever entities (if any) are guarding them. Wiccans are pretty well known for weakness though, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

I would always say curses first lawsuits later. Enemies must be purged and therefore we cull by moonlight (that’s a quote from a grimoire)

PS it’s against forum rules to post details of targets on here, but if you could send me info by email… (@Lady_Eva would that be okay?)


You could make her something to wear so when ever he is around he looses intresest in her or finds her unnattractive. Sort of like stalker repellent in a charmed object.

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If this is getting violent though, I think something more…permanent is needed. Not a repellent, but a hex.


there is a simple Hex that works very badly:

The stealing and returning of Heart Energy, basically charging it with a Demonic fluid for a while.
It’s a Hex only used under advanced magicians, as those who come in touch with it, instantly know, that the sorcerer using it isn’t even concerned about killing the vessle, but the essence.

It’s very rarely used, becouse it actually kills the Soul, not the Body.

That hex, Needs a lot of time to fully adjust to the target. (a Little similar to HIV)

Once it hit’s, however the Enemy is traped into a Astral sphere from where on it only can decay.

That Spell, is hated even by the most successful Sorcerers from history aswell as today.

It takes a good deal of inner Control, as the Essence given to the Enemy must be aligned into his own perception.

For example, a Person who allready states himself as a Dark Entity, will be fused with a tone of black.

Except that that black wount absorb as normally, but instead leak out. since black in black can’t be seen, both the Operator and the enemy Keep unconcious about it, until the merge accoured.

the merge, is in that case, a sense of strength and freedom, retainment so to say. it leaves the target to go about a very nice Little expierience.

In that expierience, it is gathered by hoards of People, recently known souls.

Only inner fire can protect a sorcerer against it.

Only The development of that inner fire, gives him the ability to reach out into a clean source of energy supply, and jump away from that deadlands.




How much inner fire? I have begun to cultivate that to some extent and I am wondering if I could protect myself. It isn’t terribly strong yet, but inner fire is something I can do.

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The exact method has only been teached to a Hand full of People in the current world, since basically it’s imposible for the spell to lash around to many times.

The more it spreads, the more likely it becomes to kill not just the sorcerer, but his entire radious of workings.

It’s an Arestocratic Thing…



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If that was meant as a reply I assure you that I don’t need to know the details of the spell. I am pretty sure I know how it’s done in theory already (a similar spell. Not the same one). I am just asking how much inner fire is necessary to protect oneself.

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there is no protection against it.
when it is in Progress.
it is in Progress.

Ask the Deitys directly.

They’ll tell you the same.


In that case I will have to try my best to stay on your good side. :wink:

It was violent in the past best thing is to make her repulsive to him so he looses intrest fast then make a binding spell that is permanent aka phyisically moving away.

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@kiss-lamia-lilith Why not a death hex? That’s assuredly permanent as long as we don’t go down the whole raising the dead route.

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Your definition of hex is different to mine hex for me is teaching someone a lesson. Curse is what your talking about and unless something of great offense is caused direclty then that something to think about. But there are also other methods of dealing with problem people that doesn’t directly lead to death lol.

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@kiss-lamia-lilith Yes, there are other ways, but why would we want to show mercy in this situation? If someone has caused you intentional harm (ie not some idiot fumbling around), and refuses to repent (if they beg for forgiveness maybe mercy can be considered then) let them burn in the fires of Hell (literally. There are spells for that, and for other places too, not just Hell).

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Like i said depends on how serious the offence is. To me thinking this person just want him to leave her alone and stay the fuck away. That can be done.

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Yes it can, but honestly LET THEM BURN. I am not advocating recklessly throwing around curses. However, this isn’t some minor insult. It’s full on abuse. Eternal damnation is a justifiable response. There’s no reason not to, so I don’t see the need for a half done job.