Spiritual help with weight loss

Anyone know any demons from the Goetia that specializes in weight loss as well as getting rid of stretch marks and such?



Lilith for beauty and youthfulness.


Have you tried a search of the forum? This is not an original question…

Oh I’m so happy you chose to answer this. I myself have been struggling with weight loss since I was a teenager, and the only time I ever lost it was under extreme circumstances. I’m just one of those people. But when you’re new to the entities and what each one may help you with it’s a little difficult to think outside the box enough to know with certainty just what direction to go in. In the end, I’d been asking Buer (as I figured my problem is because of my health) and accepted the offer of help from Hephaestus.

I hope the Zagan rites help you Magick1. I think I’m gonna seriously look into it too.


Any progress?

I’ve worked with Ares, the Greek God of War. Great results.

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I lost over 100 pounds so far (and I had very low metabolism due to low thryoid) and have kept it off with the help of Buer. No gastric band involved.

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