Spirits for necromancy

Who is Lord Ti-Tor and who are the Eight Ajougun Under Lords?

One of the most powerful necromancy teachers is actually Bune who is very known here in this forum for money magic. Mephistopheles and Hecate too.

This ^ I feel like ancestral links and the magick produced through them is over looked way too often and for the many uses provided from it, this seems like quite a loss. I presume because it requires finding that link to begin with with is probably both a physically and emotionally daunting task for most. As for me I’ve had issues willing to utilize it due to the amount of negative association I have with any of my recent bloodline. And until I work through that, I honestly feel like it’s a blocked resource for me. But for those I ha e seen use it it does seem to work quite well and intuitively.

I cannot recommend San La Muerte enough. The lord of death, I am very close to. There is another more potent spirit for the necromantic arts but I can’t recommend working with Qayin to anyone because its not a path for everyone to say the least. I am curious why several people are mentioning Kali though. I’ve never heard of Kali being employed in successful necromancy. People think that because Kali is depicted as a deity of death that she would be good to work with for necromantic purposes, but that isn’t how people work with her. In Hinduism she’s prayed to as an aspect of change. Hindus chant her malas for change in their life. Working with her in Hinduism is never actually death related. But then again western culture has a way of adopting stuff from other cultures and turning it into something else. Anyways, aside from Qayin, my best suggestion is the spirit San La Muerte.