Spirit, demon, ghost...?! HELP

This will be a bit of a long one…

Ever since I can remember I’ve had something follow me. Or haunt me.
Growing up this thing taunted me, used to sit on my bed at the end, pull the covers off me, and felt a heavy feeling on top, like it was laying or pushing on me, every time I had this feeling of dread. My mum always said I was mad!
(a few years back, finally they believed me, when things happened to my little sister and a hand print appeared on the wall, small like a child’s, at a psychic night, a lady approached her and said don’t open it up it will bring a world of pain, just light a candle and tell it to leave, she hadn’t mentioned this to her)

I moved out at 18, I went to university, our house had a ghost there, believed to be a roman soldier, part of hadrians wall ran under where the houses now are, he didn’t bother us much (5 girls).
This things continued to happen to me. Over the last few years, this has upped to what feels like my toes being bitten, and having my face, arms touched. I’ve gotten braver and gave asked it to stop and tell it that’s its not welcome.

The last year or so, it’s not really happened much, I was living with my ex gf. We split a couple months ago, and now in my new place, it’s started again. I think. I can’t be sure if I’m dreaming it this time, or if I’m awake.

I’m now 34, and it’s been going on at least 20 years.
I need help to figure out what the heck it is. Any advice or help would be wonderful.

Extra bits of info… Once did a ouija board, but these things were already happening by then I think.
My nephew (they live in Australia, me in the UK) had to be cleansed years ago as a demon attached its self to him, they had the house exercised too. It was a boy, who he was friends with in a past life, and was looking for him, but it was demonic, according to the priest, caused all sorts of troubles for them.
My sister (in Australia) had a couple of strange things happen to her, one being seeing my dead grandparents when she had given birth to nephew, a medium told her she has the gift, but this stuff scares my sister to death so didn’t want to pursue it.


Just send the entity to me through my picture I sent you by PM. I take it.


Sounds like a shadow being, to me.


Light a candle and ask it to leave, like the lady said. Say it respectfully but in a commanding voice. Not waiting for permission and not taking no for an answer.

If it doesn’t leave, light a white candle and put a glass of water next it to it, in the “haunted” place or where you live. Draw the sigil of Archangel Michael on the palm of your right hand or the hand you usually write with, using red ink. Point it at the candle - the distance should make you feel the warm heat from the candle but without feeling pain - and call Archangel Michael and ask him to bring “the white light” and take this spirit away. Repeat the call 7 times.

Then use your opened palm as a wand. Keep calling the Archangel and command the spirit to leave with will power and anger. pointing at the ceiling, floor then the 4 corners of the place.

When done, get the glass of water and wash the ink from your hand into the glass. Then spread the water on all doors, windows, ceiling and floor of the place. Focus more on the doors, windows and corners. Leave a little water at the end.

With the remaining water… use your fingers and draw the sigil of Archangel Michael on the main door of the place. From the inside and outside. And on the windows from the inside.

While you’re doing that you need to keep calling the archangel and commanding the spirit to leave. When done, thank the archangel and keep the candle burning to its end, you can leave some fresh water and incense next to it if you wish. Just make sure you keep an eye on it until it burns out, for safety reasons… or it’s in a good place away from anything that could catch fire easily.


Have you experienced any visions or seen any strange colors?

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i actually suffer from skitso phrenia but at the same time the only time i really “hear” anything is usually right before i go to bed. And yes I’m on meds. Before i got on them it was demons all over the place. One of their favorite tricks in my life is to impersonate the sound of jesus and believe me these things will speak and sound like they have great authority and they will even convict you of sin claiming to be him. Every thing i have read so far sounds good but here is what should work should it fail. Sense you also say yu are asleep or half awake i have found that that half way place i can hear them but nit see them. These entities also know this. So basically get some oil prayed over by a few priests that are christian (Its the intent behind the oil and the more people the more powerful. annoint every window door way and even mirrors. If that does not work get a preist and yes these things will lay dormant if they know some one who can deal with them is coming.to try to fool you. If during this banishing happens and it starts to make noise it means it is scared and is trying to frighten you or it may be one of those ones that are so powerful the name of jesus doesn’t work on it and it needs to be prayed and fasted out. As you can tell i used to be a bible thumper and this is how i would deal with it. But also everything i have read so far would probably work.


No, only had a few dreams/visions after evoking.

There is nothing I can pinpoint for all the times it’s happened over the years.


my first impression when i read your original beginning post,
was that it might be some sibling / Spirit from your family,
which wanted to play around with you,
but didn’t get where the boundries layed of:
“that’s not okay anymore.”

i got some flashing sensations,
of it potentially being sendt to attack you,
as a form of punishment,
for having dealt very badly with someone you shouldn’t have wronged,
but obviously that must have happened by your parents,
or even grandparents,
not yourself.

So in case it does show up again,
since i’ve seen you already got good advice here,
i’d recommend you to:

Tell it specifically:

I’m not responsible for my anchestors actions,
and i can’t change them.
What i can offer to you,
is finding a solution for that problem,
that seemingly bothered you enough,
to stick around me for 2 decades.

If you’re ready to talk about an agreement,
which will release you from my presence,
and solve that issue entirely,
communicate with me in understandable from,
and with the required respect,
so i actually see a benefit in helping you to solve that.

follow that,
if it isn’t answered directly,

I invoke the powers of my anchestory:
Reveal to me,
what brought this Evil attention unto me!
I invoke the Powers of my Blood,
to prevail against all forces,
that tried to wrong me.
(don’t cut yourself for that,
it’s not a blood offering.
Simply sense the blood running through your vains,
while chanting that)
I invoke my own Celestial Guidiane:
Help me resolve this,
once and for all!

Alash tad alash Tal Ash’tu.

By that point,
you should expierience a clear shift in both yourself,
and the enviorment around you.

If you still don’t recognize any communication coming to you,
and explaining what’s going on there,
or discussing terms to get the problem out of the way,
hold your arms in fron of you,
at chest level,
and breathe actively into the open space between your hands.

Compress your breath,
that comulated there,
and intensify it’s energy,
until you can barely hold it.

Then Chant into it:

Ohm Dun Durgaye Namaha.
May this shockwave destroy,
any non-physical being,
within my presence,
for i have tolerated this for long enough now.

May this shockwave disrupt all dimensions,
and clean my vessle,
from what ever unwanted being attached itself to me!!

Compress it further,
reaching and breaking critical mass.

By that point,
your arms will feel a little bit like you’ve just broken them,
as the Energy ball explodes outwards,
and cast’s a huge Protection sphere around you.

you can repeat that process if needed,
but it shouldn’t be needed again.

Since the Energy ball was based on your own chi,
it can’t really hurt yourself,
but what attacks you,
simply can’t escape it,
if it was dumb enough to stick around.

If it went away fast enough,
and comes back later,
simply say:
Want another Chi ball!!?

and this time,
trap it first,
before killing it with a chi ball,
based on the same chanting method,
i’ve just explained.

What ever sticks around for 2 decades,
either haves a really good reason,
for wanting to solve something,
or really deserves to be punished accordingly,
for everything it did to you during that time.

In both cases,
you’ve solved the issue,
and won’t have to go back to dealing with such shit ever again.




the guy that was talking about the ancestral stuff is valid. Even in christian with deliverance ministers they will remove that. I mean you are asking for help and there are good responses but have you taken any of them? talking to a priest would definitely help. white sage, cedar, sweet grass etc… I’m kind of curious hows it going? did any of this stuff work?


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Atm, had no issues, not happened since I posted this.
But doesn’t mean it won’t, sometimes it’s a whole between ‘visits’ and other times it’s every night


So, why are you not living the life that should be yours? Perhaps you won’t believe it, your parents were hexed a short time after your birth. As you are part of your parents as they created you, you carry there genes. The demon wants to destroy any happiness and destroy the most important thing in a parents life, there family and children.

This deity wants you to know you are under torment and is warning you that this hex is still ongoing and has transcended to you.

Someone imposed the ultimate spiritual sanction on you with this hex all the signs are there. All the figures and events are symbols giving you a heads up. It seems to be some strong malice against your family.

It seems that a person close to your parents was jealous and obstructed your path. This sort of thing happens a lot more often than we think. Sometimes, it just needs someone to stare at you with envy, and by doing so, gives you what I call the “evil eye”.