Spirit alchemy - how to descend down into the physical material plane

Topic still under development.

1.) Edit,
Completion of the conjurations.
Hidden aspects added.

Editation note,

Not to be finished before the September Ritual is due.

to be completely explained,
before that.

While remaining concious,
in Astral form,
assume yourself a spark of darkness,
a spark of light,
and a spark of those qualities mixed and intertwined,
to materialize in front of you.

Let them merge,
and assume triangular shape.

Project yourself into the middle between those spheres.

Start drawing energy from each of those Spheres into you.

Absorb enough energy,
so you can shapeshift.

turn towards the black sphere and speak Nox Novidre Negro Erebus.

Turn to the white sphere, and speak Itaf Vitea Helio Celestus.

Turn to the mixed sphere and speak Vagnum Matayae Vid Vitus Spiritej “your name”

and absorb the spheres into you.


Go through the Tunnel.

Project yourself into a suiting person,
and make him lustful.

Allow for sexual contract to emerge between them,
and prepare forming their Physical Genetics,
based on your requirements,
for your Body.

Itac canreo kaya vetej kala mu shin.

Shape the body,
respecting the time of development it requires to actually grow.

This might feel uncomfortable,
since you’re used to achieving the results of your work much faster,
from the previous plane.

Stick to it.

It’s worth the effort.

vud mak djao vadej, mat vaccu kala, cyphre noi vaj vitae spiritej.

and make sure,
to prevent any baptism being done on the child,
once the next stage,
breathing life,

the Faith systems try to claim new vessels quickly for themselves,
and steal them after they’ve already been developed.


The growing process isn’t over yet,
there’s much work to do!

You want to access an early supply of added source energy,
as the Motherly care,
will poorly feed you.

Make sure,
to go out as soon as you can,
and capture at least one natrual stone,
which you can start imbuing with your essence,
to consecrate a permanent link,
back to your astral form,
which still works on structuring the vessel.

Editation reminder:

Look back into Al Andalus;

General Structering guide;


Practice note,
Keep checking the Hermunculus growth process for more precise determine.




reserved Post,
for later Edition.


Binding a spirit to oversee this working.




I gravitate thy,
to be guided by me,
and follow my guidiance.

Both here,
and in the world you’re currently in.

I create a clear path,
and complete instruction,
for you to be reborn and returned.

Your burdens are paid in full,
and your soul is released from Death,
as i command it to be.



You shall be freed,
from those chains and burdens,
as i’ve granted you!



I ignite your flame,
through my own fire,
to carry on,
from beyond,
to return now!




I’m not sure i understand all of this, The title says it all, but i’m still confused…
Could you explain all of it a little more?

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It’s an advanced topic,
aimed at Servitors and non-physical Entities,
as a guide to possession and incarnation on this plane.

You already are on this plane.


But you’re right,
i started the topic and didn’t finish it yet.

It’s deliberately having some blind spots in it.

Because i actually had quite some doubt wether i want mortals to be able to use the technique.



Ritual completion confirmed.


¥’ Al Andalus, i call you forth and conjure you,
to help me complete my work upon the reincarnation guide for spirits.

I-ash cree vello, jaz car raz navril ak andalus.

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