Spell to stop people invading my privacy


My family members are so curious and jealous of my life, they keep searching my room and stuff for idk what. They rummage through my personal belongings, wardrobe, boxes and shelves. Example; i always have an old teddy with me, it’s my psychical comfort item and nobody other than me is allowed to touch it. It’s habitated by a spirit who gets very sulky when someone other than me touches the plushie. But, everytime when i leave it around the house in an open place, somebody grabs it and places somewhere else or, much worse, starts playing with it.

Does anyone know a spell (preferably jar/ candle) or a ritual that will prevent them from touching my personal belongings?
I have contact with Lord Azazel and Lord Beelzebub, but i was on a "magick hiatus’’ these days, i was working on life-related things so i didn’t ask them for advice on that.

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How old are you? It sounds as though you are a minor.

Also, you’ll need to do a proper introduction so that we will know something of your magickal background and experience. You can post an intro be replying at the end of the thread linked below.

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Tell the spirit itself to attack those who play with teddy.

Same shit happens here, my room mate touches my things and place it somewhere else.

Do a ritual with Andromalius. :snake:
Call him. Show your items and tell him with anger :

Those who toucheth my belongings
Throw him at bottomless pit
He will burn
he will cry
until he die.

The Seventy-second Spirit in Order is named Andromalius. He is an Earl, Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man holding a Great Serpent in his Hand. His Office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People and also to discover Treasures that be Hid. He ruleth over 36 Legions of Spirits. - The Lesser Key of Solomon

Tell him to protect your belongings otherwise bad luck would befallen them.

You can substitute that poem with your own words. It releases extra emotion and you will be happy as no one will ever think of touching your items.



you can put a lock on your door.

U can also communicate and discuss ‘rights to privacy’ , respect and how you feel about them violating it.


There is an old adage that says “don’t shit where you eat”. A minor who lives with their parents and depends on them would we shooting themselves in the foot by following this. It might be more useful to tone down the death, misfortune, and destruction angle in this case


Man, you gave me a good lesson.

Okay i removed that post.

The way I secured privacy to my room was to start sleeping naked and lounging on the bed naked.

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Bit fucking harsh for touching a teddy bear, especially since the people doing it may be minors as well.

But more importantly:

@redthewarrior How old are you? It’s an important legal issue so I have to ask.


No, i’m not allowed to lock my door. Ilive in a very conservative household and they took my key and threw it away. Also, i don’t talk to them about my rights, because they believe that until i’m 18 i don’t have any rights to keep secrets, they say that i have to tell them everything as long as i live with them, and all the things i’ve ever told them went viral to all of their colleagues. I never do that too, i keep most of my problems to myself and my s/o.

i think i’ll get thrown out of the house if i do it.

Not only the teddy was touched. As i wrote, they rummaged through my furniture and stuff too. The people who touched it are my mother and my bitchass uncle who verbally abuses me as well. I don’t want to make my mom suffer that much, she’s a good person, although i can’t justify her worldwiev and my traumas she and my other family members have caused, i just want to have some privacy. For legal issue, i’m seventeen.

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Exactly. I never said i want to hex them. Ijust want to keep them away from my personal belongings.

I am a minor, i’m 17. Is there a problem with my age? I’ll work on an introduction later on, but a fact- i’m self taught, which i’ll explain further when i write about myself in the introduction section.

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You need to do introduction as it is mandatatory otherwise you cannot continue your forum membership.

As you are living in trouble
I would suggest you to get more older and show them how real hell looks like.
Every dog has its day.


It might be more useful to focus on designing the life that you want rather than focus energy on making other people miserable. This is not a question of morality but rather one based on a cost/benefit analysis. One approach benefits you in the long term. The other likely doesn’t benefit you at all. The first approach leads to a mastery of life. The other keeps one locked in a victim mentality.


I see. the old corrupt parents ownership old generation type that smother love in wrong expressive way. focus on what you can learn and do to break free from them when you turn 18. Many minors work part time and save up so they don’t rely on parents. 17 is practically an adult. many smart people graduate high school at 16 nowadays due to knowledge being easily accessible.

what you can do is cast protection spells to your things so that their energy won’t transfer to your objects. Or spell that get them to show less interest in your private affairs. basically get them to not be clingy in negative way but still love you.

the other way is to learn persuasion skills to change their ways. It’s good for life as it’s social skills. These info will help you understand their inner thoughts too by way of behavior observation.

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