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I am creating this thread partially to celebrate the largest full moon of the year, and partially to give back to a community that has done much for me over the years. The entries will catalogue spells that I have written and would like to share with the forum. I will credit all inspiration and inclusion of elements from other practitioners.

Happy Casting! :crescent_moon: :mage::sparkles:


Pillars of Johari

Complex Baneful Spell to Isolate & Sabotage Target

This is a complex and layered spell that uses knot magic, spirit work, candle magic, tarot cards, and modern psychology to isolate and sabotage a target. It was partially inspired by Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, & the Familiar Spirit (Roger J. Horne). I have used it once with great success.

Preferably worked on a new moon.


Step 1. Open Area: Witch’s Ladder (of Inference)

Use a cord of some sort to create a witch’s ladder. You can anoint the cord with oil or not, as you choose. Recite the incantation below, tying a knot with each line. This can be in the middle or at the end; do what feels right. I pierced a yew berry for each line. If you do this, freeze the berries in advance.

Modify the text as you like.

Witches’ Ladder (of Inference)

I tie this knot to hold ___ fast
____ will be faced with their own shadow, in the Devil’s name
____ will release their vain notions and lose her pride, by my will
____ will see themselves for who they really are and what they have done
____ will lose faith in themselves as they are and how they act
____ will know that they are not fit in person or profession
____ will no longer believe in themselves or their abilities
____ will lose their self-esteem, self-importance, status, standing, and reputation
Finally, ____ will lose their closest relationships and be miserable with themselves as they are

Find a willing tree and bury the ladder at its roots. Thank the tree, and declare that as the berries and thread decay, so will your target’s mental health and social status.

Step 2. Blind Spot: Petition to Baneful Spirits

I petitioned poisonous plant allies. Petition whoever you like; goetia, ancestors, elementals, angels, etc. Ask them to destroy your target’s public image, but in a way that they are ignorant of. Basically getting them to act like an ass and not realize that they are destroying their reputation.

Step 3. Façade: Haunting by Ubi

Ask an ubi specialising in dream magic to bring re-occurring nightmares to your target. I have a long-term working relationship with one already. You can request her help:

Succubus & Incubus Sigils: Working with ubis for your ascent, not your climax

Or you can petition / evoke Lilith and ask her to take care of it directly.

Step 4. Unknown: Casting the Evil Eye

I pulled this directly from Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, & the Familiar Spirit (Roger J. Horne)


You do not have to use wood and nail. You can use paper and a needle, or go as far as making a poppet.

Step 5. Tarot Card Candle Spell

Place the black pillar candle on a fire-safe surface and surround it with tarot cards, or carve the names of the cards themselves into the candle.

I. Open Area : The Devil, Five of Swords (isolation & making the Shadow public)
II. Blind Spot : Three of Swords, Seven of Swords R (sabotaging guile & charm)
III. Façade : Nine of Swords, Five of Pentacles (nightmares, anxiety, & weakness)
IV. Unknown : The Tower, Justice (fucking shit up behind the scenes in general)


If possible, surround the candle with baneful herbs (nettle, rue, thistle, etc.) preferable collected on a new moon. This is not necessary. I was able to collect nettle on a new moon.


Consecrate the candle in Hekate’s name, preferably anointing it with a baneful oil such as “Dark Arts” or “Bat’s Blood”. Recite The Pillars of Johari spell, visualizing your intention flowing into the candle and your will working itself. Ask any baneful herbs you may have added to add their power.

Pillars of Johari

Your mask has fallen; you stand naked and alone
Your own nature is your undoing
You are despised
I buried you alive in the woods
And the first pillar crumbles.

Your hands are bloody; your words betray you
Your own reaving is your undoing
You are exiled
I set poisonous spirits upon you
And the second pillar crumbles.

Your face is haunted; you have lost yourself
Your own fear is your undoing
You are frozen
I drowned you in nightmares
And the third pillar crumbles.

Your fate has turned; you have lost control
I am your undoing
You are powerless
I marked you for demons with the evil eye
And the fourth pillar crumbles.

Consecrate the flame as as gateway to your target and send your intention, and any spirits you bring in, to them through it. Thank all spirits involved.

Follow this with a purification bath. Bless the salts, the water, and your own body. Visualise any residual baneful energy, as well as any blockages/trauma/negativity/old patterns flowing out of your body and down the drain. Be sure to cleanse the space you used with incense such as frankincense or benzoin (or whatever works for you).



Baneful Tarot & Candle Rite

Simple Baneful Spell to Fuck Up Mental Health

Consecrate a candle, preferable black but use what you have and your own creativity. I used white… Carve any sigils / hypersigils / bind runes / etc. that you wish into the candle or words. If possible, anoint it with a baneful oil such as “Dark Arts” or “Bat’s Blood”. I used “Commanding Oil”.

Light the wick and visualizing your intention flowing into the candle and your will working itself. Surround the candle with the tarot cards list below as you recite the following words of intention:

The Tower to shake and break you
8 of Swords to bind and paralyze you
9 of Swords to haunt and terrorize you
10 of Swords to end you

I chose to bring in Glasya-Labolas and Flauros, but its not necessary.



Candle & Jar Spell for Unfaithfulness

Complex Spell to Incite Unfaithfulness

I have not used this, but was inspired to put it together by the following post:

Encourage unfaithfulness

Step 1. Candle Magic

Consecrate a red candle and imbue it with your intent. Carve it with your command, adding sigils as you like (entity, planetary, self-created, etc). If possible, anoint it with “Command Oil” or “As You Please Oil”, or a lusty oil like Jasmine. If you use an oil, consecrate and charge it in advance.

Enter trance (to the best of your ability) and visualise your will manifesting as the candle burns. You can consecrate the flame itself as a gateway for your intentions, to the person the self, or for a spirit / planetary intelligence you choose to work with.

Potential Powers: Mars, Venus, Moon, Sitri, Lilith, Asmodeus, Aphrodite, etc.

Breaking the Bond

Write both people’s names down ( or sigilize them) on two separate pieces of paper. Tie the pieces together with a string, anointed if you like, and burn it in the candle flame. Speak and visualize your intent; poor it into the work. Save the ashes from the cord if you can.

Take the two pieces of paper and put them in separate bags for freezer spells, stopping their attraction for one another (modify if you only want one person to lose attraction):

Vovins Freezer Spell

Step 3. Put them in a Jar

Burn any petitions or sigils you have created in the candle flame and save the ashes. Use the ashes in a jar spell to incite unfaithfulness in the target.

Possible Ingredients:

  • Tequila
  • Cord Ashes
  • Sigil Ashes
  • Photo / Hair / Name of Target (Can be a sigil)
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Broken Glass

Use your own symbolic framework to make this powerful. Seal the jar with wax from the candle and bury the jar, preferably somewhere close to the target.


Hand of D.U.M.E.

Simple Baneful Candle Spell for Legal Action

I have used this spell one time, with great success. Powerful people who were abusing said power lost their jobs. It is a modification of the classic “D.U.M.E.” spell.

I used the wind conjuration incantation from Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, & the Familiar Spirit (Roger J. Horne).

I have a special candleholder for this; you don’t need it. If you select a special candle holder for this, consecrate it. Consecrate and charge your oils as well.

Step 1. Carve Candles:

Finger 1 : Misery unto (targets)
Finger 2 : Legal woes unto (targets)
Finger 3 : Bondage unto (targets)
Finger 4 : Exile unto (targets)

Use visualisation and your voice to pour your intent into each candle. Add sigils as you wish, modify as you please.

Step 2. Anoint Candles:

Anoint each “finger”, continuing to employ words of power and visualization:

Finger 1 : D.U.M.E. Oil
Finger 2 : Hammer of Belial Oil
Finger 3 : Binding Oil
Finger 4 : Banishing Oil

Note: Hammer of Belial is an oil from Belladonna’s Botanicals. You can substitute it with any justice oil.

Step 3. Candle Rite:

Light each candle, employing even more in-depth visualization and longer speeches (spells) for each. You can picture energy coming from my 3rd eye into the candles.

When I worked this, three planets were transiting Scorpio, so I channeled that energy into the rite. Use whatever transits are ongoing to your advantage.

Step 4. Closing:

Conjure the 4 winds and bid them to spread your will to the corners of the universe.


Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, & the Familiar Spirit (Roger J. Horne).


As I read it, the berries are optional, is that right? In terms of the thread, evidently a non synthetic type would be needed as they can take years to decay. Can you recommend some sort of fast decaying thread?

Also wondering, do you launch all five stages of the assault on the same day?


Absolutely. I used the berries because I came across them while getting supplies, and inspiration struck. Modify as you see fit :slight_smile:

I don’t know how quick it is, but (non-waxed) hemp is eco-friendly.

I did not- but I was making it up as I went. You could, but if I did it again I would still split it up. That I way I could really focus on and pour intent into each working.

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Many thanks for the answers.

This option looks like a no go. Growing hemp has only been legal in this country since 2005 and it seems that although there are a few clothing manufacturers using it, there is very little hemp thread for sale. Google only found three shops that sell it (only one in my city) and in all cases it was waxed hemp thread.

But I guess it doesn’t have to be the thread method. I suppose in principle I could use a potato and make a cut in it with each statement rather than making a not in a thread? I figure its more about the intention than anything?


Yep. I chose a witches ladder because I wanted to practice knot magick, and it felt extra “cursey” to me. That made it powerful. Your potato method (very creative!) would work as well :slight_smile:

You could make a witches ladder in inner vision if you wanted to try it; make a meditation out of it. You could also make a physical ladder and instead of burying it in the woods, place it in their general area, sew it into a poppet, or modify it into a freezer spell or jar spell, etc.

edit: alternatively you could burn the ladder.


Very useful thread, Myth.

Any chance we get more tarot-candle spells?


Cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There appears to be no shortage of asshats in this world, so yes, very likely. I’ll try for some non-baneful to balance it out. Any requests?


Specific forms of baneful magick, could it be.

As for non-baneful, healing is always nice.

Also… if you’re in for testing, I’m in to help you develop stuff, maybe with no candle. Just… you know me, I love experimental magick :smiley:


job, small business & money :slight_smile:
unbinding, end bad luck


Do you have anything in mind?

This is outside of what I normally do; I turn to spirits / energy work / herbalism. Sounds like a good challenge :slight_smile:

Me too. Sounds fun!! I’ll have a think. Gracias :smiley:

Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the inspiration, encouragement, and support! :sparkles:


Yes, aim to the wallet. Or specific types of damage to the body

Hit me a DM to compare ideas if you want


Thanks to the original author! I would like to try out several of these tutorials. Much love and grace to you

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Wow this is awesomely done thank you for the share