Soul scan

Hello there. I would highly appreciate if someone here could do some soul scan on me? It would be super helpful to see my Godform and to know if there are any spirits around me. Of course I will return a scan for you too if you’re willing to have one.
Thank you in advance.

Why not ask in the actual godform scanning thread?

I didn’t have a clue that there were one, I’ll look up into it.


Godform isnt the same as a soul scan, Godform here is often used wrong, a Godform is something you actively do or “gain” not something that exists part of you without your own knowledge. A Godform is you immersing yourself in the energy of an existing Deity, Demon, Angel, Yokai, pre-existing thoughtform, or your own created thoughtform and embodying the traits of their energy.

If you haven’t done that than you don’t have one, a soul scan is something else entirely.