Soooooo, i sorta have problems with my spiritual powers

so, summing it up, my fam is pretty damn spiritual on my mom’s side (no offense but for my knowledge only certain girls who are born sorta have this spiritual connection-ish?)
my great-great grandma was very spiritual and cristian. about my grandmother i don’t know.
and my mother is also very sensetive to negative energies (example, the house next door is being robbed in the night and my mom will wake up for seemingly “no reason” and won’t be able to go back to sleep until said thief is gone and has no intention of stealing etc.) my mother is fine with these abilities, bc they are minor.
with me however…
i have it worse… right now i can not control ANYTHING i have the feeling i’m constantly in a heap of energy, always tired (as in feeling old) but filled with energy and life at the same time.

i can in some occassions see 360° which is literally what is sounds like. i can see everything around me, inclusing behind, below, and above.

i am hyper sensetive for others emotions and negative emotions in general.

i almost soul traveled/teleported to another dimension (i have it posted in one of my earlier topics. and yes i am currently working on it.)

i can sometimes predict the future in such detail it’s almost scaring me. (this almost doesn’t happen, let’s say max 5-6 times a year?)

i once meditated and just clicked with the universe, it was crazy, i knew everything, everyone, and had access to all knowledge.
my mom say’s she’d rather not know everything but i am hungry for knowledge and to feel at peace within myself.
and since i have no friend’s to share this with, or tell my mother (she’d probably say i’m crazy… and send me away…or something.)
i’m putting this out there in case someone has experienced something similar and so that anyone that has had similar experiences can just…
i guess share knowledge of how to cope with it…

-byebye, random person reading this-


? what do you mean?

Try some coconut oil? I did a big old thread about that a while back: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

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How old are you? I know often before your twenties especially, powers tend to act up as they settle in. Part of the reason poltergeists seem to afflict hormonal teens is latent psychic powers blasting about that go dormant later.


i currently am 15 and this year i shall become 16.


Yeah its the hormones and all that stuff. It is fairly common. Most important thing is to embrace these powers and experiences fully and don’t be afraid of them. They might startle you but don’t try to suppress them as that can cause problems for you in the future but treat it like a game and try to gain control to direct and guide these powers. This is an opportunity to go with your natural growth to get an edge and trying to turn them off or the like could make it harder to actually use them when you need too.

Meditation, practice with various abilities, etc will help greatly. Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics is a very good starting point in terms of meditations and gaining control of your own mind. Various eastern disciplines such as those related to QiGong are also very good for this. Lots of free material and instruction can be found and if you want any specific power you wish to develop then that can help focus yourself along that path.


alright, but what if i want to be able to master all of these abilities, do i just train them all at once?
or nah?- i’m not sure what to do- :"D

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Where are you from? Not relevant but I have a hunch about your location based on reading your story. Would like to talk more to you, not necessarily in this forum.

Welcome @Quaff. Before hitting people up for off forum contact, please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about YOU and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.


First step is control of your own mind which will give general control over all your abilities and then focus on the areas that interest you the most. Bardon’s books start off with a heavy emphasis on such self control even if you don’t get into the energy manipulation aspects that come later. Training your will and imaginative faculties gives you an interface to control yourself. Just try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible with steady intent whenever something flares up to direct it to be manageable and observe the experience. Keep a journal and record lots of notes about it and what is happening at the time physically and mentally in the environment.

Once you got that general control pick a few of your weakest abilities and one or two you really really want to develop and focus on those first and rotate them around to keep from getting bored and most importantly have fun with it all.

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alright! than you! :smiley:

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Thank you to all moderators and people who started jumping for Daki-is-artsy protection. I just had a hunch that he might be living in the same country as I do, but I was wrong. I respect privacy and I’m not a stalker nor have any weird intentions.


sorry for the late reply-
i guess i sorta forgot that there are people with other intentions out there, sorry for not thinking it through- :frowning:
no offense to Quaff

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This would’ve been useful to know about 8 years ago