Someone do a money spell for me

I will return a favor, I’m in desperate need of money right now. May zozo guide ya.

Is there a reason you can’t do your own work?


There’s a lot going on, I’m busy and i don’t even have my witchcraft items

So…you want people to take time out of their life to do a money spell for you for free because you are too busy to do something for your “desperate” need? :thinking:

That doesn’t smell right…

You can’t be too desperate if you are too busy to help yourself.


You don’t understand…sorry my life is complex

Everyone’s life is complex, but we all make time for the things we need to do.

I was homeless not so long ago, and was sleeping in a shelter, but I still found the time to do magick to help myself. I was stressed, and frantic, and depressed, but I still drew sigils and opened them and petitioned the spirits for help.

Nothing can be more important than helping yourself. If you really are “desperate” then you need to make getting the money you need your priority, rather than trying to pass it off to someone else. You can’t be “too busy” and expect people to drop what they are doing to help you.


I can see where you’re coming from, I’ve had essentially my whole life fall to shit around me and was left with very little energy and free time. you have to adapt your ritual style to accommodate that. you don’t need any supplies really, and even the busiest person can spare 10 minutes. Meditate on the money you want direct that with mantra and repeat that mantra mentally throughout the day focusing on your goal.

you can chant fehu over and over if you work with the runes, or the enn of bune, or call upon ganasha or lakshmi. there’s a lot of no tool short money spells


This sigil helped me, simply charge it, and keep it somewhere you frequent, i.e. by your computer, or in your car, come to think of it, might need to be drawn on a receipt, too, try it without, if nothing, do it on a receipt…


Thanks, ill draw it out on my free time and summon up

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I have a dollar that is my money alter in my wallet- with a sigil. The time you spend frantically begging for someone to do your work you could have cast 9 money spells. Oh, your own mind is your own worst enemy. Every new moon I clean out the wallet - light incense an rewrite my abundance check. I am now working with demons on this and Oh I have not had any issues since.


BTW, this sigil is for legitimate need, you’re not gonna get rich, you’ll get the immediate cash you need, but you’re gonna have to put in work for it as well, seems to work mutually between Belial, and Marbas.


One could also think about Bardon’s warnings afterwards and, “meanwhile”, contact a gnome such as Ordaphe, Orova or Andimo (the latter case would require to do alchemy practices, btw) for personal wealth purposes.