Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies

For me I am able to see certain sigils flash, but not others. Other times a sigil simply glows and my vision around the sigil gets dark but it doesn’t flash. Is this more or less the same thing?

Most of the sigils when they light up for me it’s like a large high powered lamp which is behind the white paper of the sigil and it glows through the paper sometimes it’s such a glow you can’t see the image. But my Lucifer sigil is on black card with silver ink for the sigil and when that lights up instead of white light coming through it. the double image that is a direct replica of the silver image and more or less makes it three dimensional is blacker than the black of the card and stands out even against the black background of the sigil card it’s self

Do you have to stare at the sigil without blinking? Or is it ok to blink? When I gaze at the sigil it comes off the paper a little but that’s all it does and the spirit never shows up… Is it because I’m blinking?

I don’t think you should be doing black magick mate, you sold your soul to some random spirit that was bothering hoping that would make it be LESS in your life. I think your talents lie elsewhere, and I almost never say that to people but you seem to have basically no boundaries and you’re likely to get owned hard.

Try studying reiki and energy healing you can do without calling on spirits. :+1:


i doubt anything that goes against my logic so i will continue persuing magick as i wish thank you …

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See how it feels when someone tries to tell you not to do something?

Didn’t like it much, did you?

Now take that backbone and actually use it! Command that spirit to fuck off, using whatever method YOU can believe in, and stop being complicit in your own disempowerment.


This should be pinned for newbies to read, amazing advice.

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I’m curious if it matters how much light is the medium or the color of the sigils, the thickness, etc. I’ve tried glow in the dark paint on black mirrors in pitch darkness but haven’t noticed much. It’s still pretty fun though.

Hello to any future readers, this is a great find i wish I would´ve read it much earlier when I first started sigil magick haha


I have actually put a link to it in the new welcome-PM I send people since earlier this year. :+1:


Thank you so very much for taking the time to explain this. Very, very much appreciated. I’m new to this world myself but am so grateful to have been led down this path. I’ve been doing some spell work and using the sigils and staring at them to see the flash and I did, indeed see lines glowing all around and the sigil itself becoming sort of 3d and something just told me deep down that I was doing it right, but it’s so nice to have the confirmation. Thanks so much for helping us newbies out. Have a beautiful night :blush:


my room was covered in moving electric blue and rotating sigil. Problem is i had never seen the sigils before and still do not know why i saw them. But I had like a demon that would not let me sleep two days ago. tell my wife about it she doesn’t believe in nothing but god.Any way I started searching sigils and one of the ones I found was a magic sigil with three crosses in a line in a circle.Said it was to prevent nightmars . After i seen the sigils all over my bedroom with lights off.i didnt dream at all. hmmm

Welcome @Harold_Hoskins. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I tried successfully charging a sigil by putting it on the screen in the middle while playing a game or watch a film. I still didn’t try by watching porn but it should function too


As I activated. My sigil I saw it as Golden color flashing in my mind as I see none have stated that is that similar to what you mean by the lines disappearing ? Or do I need to charge it again !

The way it happens for me is that the sigil appears to lift off of the screen or paper.

So far all that’s happened is I see the sigil look like its bending a little kind of in a floaty sense like if it were on paper and getting wavy on the sides if that makes sense.
I look at sigils on my phone. I feel like it doesn’t work using paper sigils. Not for me

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So, I tried this with my first sigil I created myself. Since I weren’t sure, if it were activated properly, as I read this.

One part of a sigil contains an open heart (one where the lines are not closed on top), which in the end result turned out to look like a succubus tail, without trying to achieve that. The sigil is for a succubus … such coincidence lol

This one part and only of the sigil, seemed at some point like “beating”, like jumping out of the paper and growing larger in all dimensions and smaller again. There weren’t really a flashing though.

Is this also a sign, that the sigil is now activated?

Everyone is different and unique, throughout years of mentoring I’ve noticed the opening of a sigil is a unique experience depending upon the person.
Sometimes the lines disappear and reappear more alive than ever. Some people the lines actually flash, for others the lines actually jump of the paper and become the three dimensional in the air.

Others as they open it, see the entire thing become black completely and then reappear as a flash of a glowing sigil and so on. In matters like this it should be taken into account that each individual is different, with different perceptions so this also means everyone’s spiritual awareness/perception will also be different.


Thank you for the explanation.

I believe the sigil is activated, even though it was different than anything described and what I saw was like the heart “beating”… becoming alive… while the rest of the sigil was not showing any effect at all.

Right now, this raises though another question, after reading your post and some thought, which I’m not sure if someone can answer at all, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Will the entity it is made for sometimes be involved in the sigil activation? Like maybe, influence the experience or applying some effect on the sigil as it is activated, which may or may not result in a different experience too?