Servitor Time Travel: Is it Possible?

I do not know.

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then start looking for it’s evidence.

Sure you’ll find some,
usually at some point it becomes undeniable.

you might also want to meditate on a mirror,
and start visulizing the “you”,
you intended to create with it,
and then jump over into that timeline.

Since for what i get,
mirrorwalking might still be a necessary step for you to take,
to fully shift over into the other reality.



How do you communicate with your servitors?

Science is catching up with magick?

“Back to the Future” anyone?


Did you purposely try to merge your past with the alternate past where the servitor delivered a message? If not, you may have hit a wall with The Grandfather Paradox.


yaah yaah well.

Do you actually speak about practiced magick,
or movies you watched?


The Grandfather paradox is a concept,
to explain certain mechanisms.

It’s little bit like gravity tho.

Everyone beliefs in it.
Since millenia it’s known,
that Magick can break it,
and does so from time to time.

Because Magic,
uses forces which can change and overrule those forces you generally consider as “Laws” of Nature.

See, Gravity is produced by mass, right?
But how is mass created?
by spinn.
By fast movement.

if you know,
that gravity after all is a result of the velocity of movement of the object,
relative to it’s proximity to a different,
also fast moving object…

And i tell you to break gravity, how do you do it?

You apply force,
to move it into a different direction.

you simply remove force,
of it’s inherent direction.

For Hundreds of years,
people firmly believed,
nothing heavier than air,
or at least nothing heavier than a feather can fly.

we have Airplanes which haves tons of weight,
going through the heaven,
as if they were birds.

How do they do that?

just explained it.

So now look at time.

by definition,
is a distance.

The distance,
between being at one place,
and a different place,
is measured in space and in time.

And while space is the physical distance,
time is the emount of exilleration,
you use to get there.

So it isn’t distance directly.

It’s exelleration.

Now if you want to stop time,
how do you do that?

And if you want to go back in time,
or forwards,
how do you do that?

You change the exilleration of reality.

And since your organs don’t pick up the real reality,
but only your interpretation of it,
you might expierience some interesting side effects,
when doing it for the first time,
and without any training.

But it works.

when you,
change the exileration of the world around you,
and so to say implode the universe around you,
to go back to a specific point in time.

Are there 2 You running around at that time then?


You are still you.

You’re just at a different point in your life,
with a different angle,
and different circumstances.

But you’re still you.

So there is no “grandpa paradox”,
except of the teardown it might have on your body,
when attempting jumps that your system can’t really handle.

That’s why any reasonable and advanced mage,
won’t take his physical body back and jump with the whole physical emination.

But only go there through soul travel,
(which yes, for a brief moment you might actually see the other “you” from outside.
but that’s only because of walking up to it),
and do the necessary alterations there,
usually by placing specific talismans and re-locations,
so that the course of action changes.

events that happened in between,
change along with it.




Hi @cyberseeker, I wondered if you’ve seen any results? I am really interested, is your servitor still there, did she manage to deliver the information to the time and place you wanted? Any input is appreciated!

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