Seen it all. Yawn

Pokes back

Do you like it, eh?

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Ohh baby. Do it again.

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Nah, this is boring.
You have had your dose of attention.
That´s it.

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:thinking: You’re not giving me any great faith you are anything other than this week’s Saturday Troll, my friend.

I don’t recall the past history of your posts, but with reference to where this topic is going, I will remind you of this old saying:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Try posting something about your work or experiences, no jiggery-pokery? :smiley:


I was just having a little harmless fun with a forum member.
We cant be serious all the time.
I spend my life in a serious line .


What would you like to ask me ?
In all seriousness.

I am just confused about why you have created this post. That´s all.

If it just boredom, why coming to the forum to have a fun conversation through a post? Is it not easier to MP or go to another part of the web?

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I apologize Ms Eva. A bit of deviation is always fun.
My past posts related to my initial entry into this forum were all lost.
Hence my departure.

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I created this post for the exact reason of what is going on now.
I live in Australia. I have no one to converse with , let alone practice with.
I have danced alone for a long time now.
I yearn for applicable conversation.

Then I suggest to follow Lady_Eva’s idea and open a topic with specific subject that you wish to discuss. Not a general chat thread. Think of something you wish to talk about, or an experience you wish to share with other members. A question you have or something you want to understand etc Then open a new topic for it and start a productive conversation.

That’s my suggestion for you. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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My imagination ran with me for a minute -

I had the inclination that the desolation of your area of human contact was so limited that you were teaching Wallaby & Quokka Luciferians about bloodletting for ritual use, and then got booted, literally, by a pack of dingos.

If this vision has any truth to it, please- do not tell me.


I’m just happy to be here.

A Siren? I’ve been looking for them. You think you can put in a good word for me?

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I can’t put in any words anymore, I’m afraid

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Morse code with your feet. Just no shouting because I hear Sirens can be ruthless.

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I got ya, give me a sec


“But that’s impossible. Where did she get those killer moves?”



I fly too, all the time, its amazing and I see/ do crazy shit, though its very difficult for me to control. How can I control this flying, what is its true essence/purpose and what other dream “powers” are available to us?

Oh honey. Why did you give up life under the sea?