Seeking a teacher

Hello, I’m 19 and I’ve been learning about black magick now for about 4 months, I really want to start diving into it, I’m seeking a teacher, someone that’s available to teach and guide me, I live in the EDT, thank you


Work with Azazel.
He’s an amazing teacher especially for solitary practitioners.
Believe me


Samael is also a great teacher even for a beginner. Fantastic exeperiences with him.

Ok, human teacher? After just 4 months practicing: Do you really need one in this phase? There are so many books and videos full of knowledge to work through. Why not practicing on alone and create your individual spiritual path? That is possible. Trust yourself.
Best wishes!

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I’ve been researching it for 4 months not practicing, I want to start practicing it, yes I’m looking for a human teacher

Word up!
You dont have to have a teacher now.

Wat is edt,?

At this point, you really aren’t looking for a teacher, more like brothers and sisters on this path, and you have found them. You should be careful of those who claim “guru” status or such nonsense.

Ask questions, take chances, make mistakes, and grow. You are not alone, nor do you need a someone telling you what to do.

Walk the paths, and the path will be made clear.

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I think that there is enough material out there for you to teach yourself. If you have a teacher his or her beliefs and ideology will become yours instead of you developing your own belief system. If you have questions you’re more than welcome to ask on this forum and someone will point you in the right way. Good luck and don’t be scared to try out things that seem different or a little out of the way because most of us have slipped and fell while we learned to walk.


Thank you!

My advice would be to be very careful when selecting a human teacher. Most know that personal gnosis is best, next to a course. If you are depending on one individual, you need to know first if that individual is up to the task. You will find that when asking questions, often the ones with the most to say are the ones that provide the least viable insight, but not always. Just saying, use discernment to be safe.


Welcome @DZ_Legion. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Really? Hmph. Ok, outta here. Can’t be bothered.

@Eternal_Flame I know this is old but if your still interested in a teacher check out this thread! :+1:

Best human teacher you cand find at the moment is your self!
Not everyone walks the same path as you.
Start building your foundation of knowledge as a beginner.
Read books, watch YouTube videos stay active on the forum and focus on reading beginner only information about energy work and study about the chakras and so on.
Learn also about psychic self defense.
Learn to open your astral senses.
EA Koetting mentioned the 3 God like power.
Soul travel
Master them before you work on a magick system.

I also felt that I needed a human teacher.
But eventually I realized its a waste of money with all that information out there, we don’t live in the dark ages where we have to be in person to ask questions and receive answers.
However i do spend money on knowledge i bought 4 courses from
And it was worth it, planning to get one more course by the end of the year.
I just could not pay a person to keep its eyes on me and tell me what to do and to get homework.
I like to learn at my own pace

I Believe Emperor Lucifer gave us the internet so that we can interact with each other it was a discussion on EA Koetting’s youtube channel about this.

Good luck mate

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If you really, really, really! want a person to be your mentor.
You can go to
And book consultation with EA KOETTING or talk to C.Kendall

Good Luck

I’m here. I can provide signed certificates of attainment and lofty titles. I’ll send my personal master-to-student emails. All this and more, so pm me your full name, colour photocopies of your plastic cards and PINs so that I can start.

This will be very expensive, but remember that you’re getting the very best - me.
How about, Monitor of the Secret Corridor for where you live and surrounds? This will be something worth framing. Let me know.


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