Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


Yes they influence our mood and thought patterns, and actions




Usually if we keep making same stupid mistakes theres an imbalance , i know nothing about that…:roll_eyes:


lmfao I’v made sooooooooo many stupid mistakes in my life


Dear @Chakraless_magick , I enjoyed your last analysis. Can you tell me something about my older pic (I_t was taken i some months ago_), possibly you can sense changes between the two, and time. :thinking::wine_glass::black_heart:


Have i read you before? Sorry i have lots of ppl on here


Yes, but it is not so important I guess, so no problem.


Ok just wondering because i couldnt remember you. I will look at your pic


Yes i see some male faces on your clothing and an upside down pyramid on your third eye area.


I feel they are passed love ones rather than the ancients tho. The upside down pyramid is definitely a Ancient spirit symbol tho.


Sounds interesting.
Thank you so much, Sara. :black_heart::wine_glass:


Csn you squeeze mine in getting ready for work?



If ok i add one after channelling


Would you mind to take a look at some of mine as well?


Throwing this in here to see what you see


I KNEW SOMETHING WAS OR STILL IS FOLLOWING ME AROUND…jeez so let me guess…hes here to do something horrible to me? Idk how did i get him tbh

edit: i mean…so hes like just there standing…well idk…are you able to tell me more about him?


If he wanted to do you harm i think you all ready have noticed that. Just stay calm i think all is good don’t wory… :blush:


Its maybe 2 or 3 weeks old


Just wanted to say that i love the background. are you greek?


i am cypriot