Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


Wow theres a face in the smoke , u see it? Looks male to me


I see a big man in a suit, much like the gate keepers wear. I see them in black suits , i call them the men in black lol , he has big horns


I see what appears to me to be a man wearing one of those big russian hats behind you, could also be an Arabian head dress, its a big hat of some kind. He has a pointy nose and is grinning big like for the camera, looking right at me.


I see nothing but strong feeling of female presence, hugging u


I can’t, where exactly? I was trying to evoke Michael but I only heard him a bit.

Although what’s funny I saw a shape of a chin for a couple of seconds during the ritual.


A lady with feature you cant recognise… creepy


Yes its like a floating face that flashes in and out


Was expecting a male horned figure or something similar, I mean, had been trying to invoke Azazel.

End up with something mysterious :scream:


Its a half a face, eye in the smoke, i see nose and mouth. What looks like flowing hair, but definitely male due to strong features. Its only half a face but wow its looking right at me. Its amazing in most of these photos , the spirits i see r looking at me like i see you too haha


Was doing a ritual with Azazel and here’s a picture I took

Felt something was behind me, but can’t see anything when I turn around.


May I pm you an image of me? I sense a presence in the area of my neck


Here’s mine ^^




Curious on what you see. I just took this picture!


Haunted pendant


Can I send you a photo metaphorical clusterfuck of spelled/bound objects I have? I dont really wanna overload you, because itll be a lot, but Ill take the photo of the stocking theyre in instead of them directly



a old picture but do you see anything behind or anything…cause i always feel there is a spirit behind or near me


I don’t see anything posing w you here but i definitely see your green aura. To me it means big hearted


(Not related to seeing spirit faces but I want to acknowledge that @Addi666 has a really pretty living space situation going on :slightly_smiling_face:)


Thx :blush: