Santeria sacrifice!

So I went to a local Santo, he made me to go a cemetery with him and sacrifice an animal ( details of which I can give ) if someone can explain to me what happened. We basically took the dead animal and left it at a random grave in a plastic bag.?? And he made me say my prayers and wishes over it. Please lmk if there is anyone who can clarify what just happened ? Was it a scam or was this legit ?


according to the information you gave.

Have a look into the traditional roots,
for further understanding.

a even simpler take on it.



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You know, usually people ask the caster all the details… Especially when there’s a life sacrifice…


I know but he wouldn’t answer my questions properly and spoke very little English. Plus there were 2 other people with us who were doing the same thing.

I was under the impression that in order to be initiated into Santeria you must first do a Divination, and a few other things?

I could be wrong. I’m not a Santo


Well the death of the animal empowers a contact with the old Gods, blood is a powerful elixir. That ritual was for protection or something similar for 1 to 3 years right?

Good that for vegetarians and vegan there are grimoires based on herbs!! :blush:


It was a love spell !! :wink:

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What did he tell you?

Hey there. So, in Santeria and all the traditions that are related to it, this a common practice. Animal sacrifice and having to leave the animal somewhere, sometimes but not always in a cemetry…however, I’ve never had it done with multiple people at once…this part seems slightly suspect to me but isn’t necessarily something that I would say run for the hills!

Overall, (With the very little info you gave) it sounds legit enough. The true test will be to see the results.

My question is how much did he charge you?

Santeria is spawned from an African Tradition called IFa in which the belief is that NOTHING can be accomplished without sacrifice and sacrifice fixes all. So yes, that is legit. The animal takes on what ever negative or adverse energies. When you take it to the graveyard or wherever else you are offering it up to be taken away from you.

This is VERY basic but I hope that helps!

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Animal sacrifice is common in Santeria, but an animal sacrifice in a cemetery for a love spell??? That does not sound legit. If you went to a Santo for a love spell he should have taken you to a river where Oshun lives. She is the Orisha you work with for love. Oya is the Orisha of the cemetery and Queen of the Dead. Odd place for a love spell.

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I agree and would ask if divination was done correctly. The irresponsible disposing of animal carcasses is one of the major problems we priests face. First off, wrong- a divination with the shells should not close without asking what to do with the ebbo. e.g. does it go to the trash, the river sea, mountain, etc. Usually if it goes to the cemetery it is buried in a hole, like everything else in there, for an ebbo eje or animal sacrifice. Sometimes a candle, fruits, money, other ingredients are left by the gate, but to leave a carcass in a plastic bag in a public place where the scavengers and nature can’t deal with it naturally is irresponsible.
And a point of correction, Oya is not the “Queen of Death”, she is the owner of the cemetery after trading the Marketplace to Yemaya. Oya is the tempest, the tornado, the epitomy of rapid change, the buffalo woman. Yewa and others deal with the dead and the souls migration…Iku is death…
no king or queen needed.