Santa Muerte

She is actually very sweet to the caster. She especially seems to want to help those who have had a hard life, but will accept a person from any walk of life. She can be motherly yes. I would approach her in the white aspect first, but really if you have an urgent need and another color suits it, go for it. She is extremely protective, just keep her altar clean and neat, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. If you need anymore help, I will be happy to advise you, as she is one of my favorites, because when other methods fail, she seems to come through for me. There is no reason to be frightened of her.


To me, she is a very motherly goddess-like being. I have never really dedicated myself to start a magickal path which focuses on her workings, but she has helped me a lot :pleading_face:
…I had never heard of her until someone I know introduced her to me via readings when I was looking for a deity to work with. Surprisingly, she resonates with me very well since she came at the times when I was anxiously afraid of death (and she is known to be the personification of death). I’m also gay so it really amazed me when I discovered that there are a lot of LGBT people among her devotees because she is also considered to be a patron saint of them.


These robes are aspects of the same being.

The white robe is the highest vibrational aspect. The black robe is the lowest vibrational aspect. Hence you never have them sharing an altar, and you should not summon both into the same space at the same time.

Offerings are given separately. You can have the altar for the white robe in the same room as the altar for the black robe but don’t summon both at the same time.

Yes I do talk to them both in the same manner.

You can reiterate if it feels best to you.


can the white robe create death or breakup

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Generally no I would go to black robe for that

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For Offerings:

The greatest Sephirothic & Qliphothic Monarchs look on your Interestingness in Regards on how much you “xeper” at Will.

Introspection is something too hard underestimated. Be someone who is no “Karmic Throw-Mix-Cocktail”. Know yourself, dare more in your Allday Life while being more able to regret your Feelings by not allowing to excuse yourself for f.e. being “understood” and solaced because “Shit happens”.

DEFINE YOURSELF AND FIGHT FOR YOUR SELF-DEFINITION. This is what brings Respect. Presents are no real Sacrifice even if you are a poor Normie without Money or Home.

They shit on your mundane Life and Character if you are totally new to them or if you are still this way too known Idiot from 1000 Years back. Why should they be cute like a Christian to you?

Nobody in timeless Charges likes friendlyness for making the World a bit better when you can’t change your own World, only avoiding Conflicts.

Jesus demanded the “great War” within before reaching out for the Swords to die from the Hits yourself you target on others.

“Stirb und werde”, or like Crowley taught:
Die daily.

Maybe I articulated a bit blurry or what the Word would be. Let’s read your Opinions. I’m burning in this Moment.

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Is this Santa Muerte’s Sigil???Screenshot_20210318-193556_YouTube

I know this isnt my post but my mom did this today! It was almost finished burning until she smashed it.

@raukfaisk This question was answered in a different thread. But from what I was told by devotees who work with her they recommended that I do not use this sigil. They told me this possibly came from African roots…which it does remind me of a vava.

But I was recommended either burn a 7 day candle of her or buy a statue and work with her that way.

To be clear also u don’t HAVE to buy a statue of her to work with her though I honestly just drew a picture of her and I also had white tealight candles for her Altar I think she was fine with it.

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I am partially drawn… but the demanding work sounds a bit not for me. And I don’t want to appropriate Mexican culture

I will just pray to Holy Death as a personification of death and pray genuinely and ask for the best deity for me …