Santa Muerte, in progress

So after reading another user’s very successful story with Santa Muerte, decided to do this and ask her to help me get back with my ex. So just a couple hours ago I lit a red candle, pulled up her sigil online, asked her to bring my ex back and in return I will give her praise, get acquainted with her culture, offer gifts and dedicate myself. So i did all of these, didn’t get a sign from my ex though but just I was leaving for work, I found a white feather on the kitchen floor next to the table where I lit the red candle, offered her a glass of rose wine (that’s all I had at the moment) and some cigarettes. I don’t know if it’s a sign and don’t want to get my hopes up and start lusting. Maybe it is, who knows, maybe someone with more experience could tell me. Tonight I will talk to her again and offer wine, chocolate and cigarettes. Anyway, created this post to give thanks if that was a sign in any way (Thank you Santa Muerte) and to update you if something happens. I was planning on working with other demons, like Dantalion and Sallos and maybe Belial, but swear I hadn’t had the time. Here are the pictures


I would say that’s a good sign! Just keep your eyes open for signs more signs - it is likely they will come :grin: Best of luck!

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Hope there’s something here. If not, oh well, I’m not ready to give up yet. Maybe it will serve as an encouragement for someone…

So, just an update although nothing much happened regarding my request. Last night I got back home after aching all day to speak to her. First I took the glass of rose wine (that’s all I had at the moment) and poured it into the ground and left the pack of cigarettes somewhere outside. These were my offerings. I then got back, pulled a picture of her, started talking a little more close to her and offered her cigarettes, a glass of rose wine, a glass of vodka and some weed I had lying around the house and promised her I would keep my end of the bargain always, that’s why I’m updating here as well. Anyway, as I was talking to her I felt a real tingly sensation in my cheeks and my ears. I don’t want to be over excited or jump to conclusions, maybe it was because I was very emotional or tired (although that never happened as far as I can remember, but who knows) but I think it was a sign. I am planning tonight to talk to her again, even more deeply if possible, again offer her things and even draw a portrait of her as I don’t have the means to buy a statue right now. And I’m also going to thank her for the day I had. Although it had nothing to do with my request, truth is I’ve had a pretty good and productive day at work and people were nice to me all around, at work, on the streets and online. Anyway, hope it inspires someone. Thank you Santa Muerte and I promise I will not give up and will honor my end of the bargain (today I started researching into her and her culture) so please bring back my ex lover…


I am just wondering about her sigil, I have never known her to have one.

This is what I’ve found online. Correct me if I’m wrong please

She doesn’t have a sigil, ive asked her. The best way to contact her if with a picture, i doesn’t have to be complicated, even crudely drawn will work, shell love it no matter what she is like a loveing mother who will post it on the wall or fridge.

And that looks a lot like a Veve, t
You shouldn’t use it the Lwa might get angry

Ive worked with her for a long time and if you have any question just ask


Shit, do you think she will be mad? I swear I didn’t knew. And I thought that carving it into the candle will make her happy. Please tell me she won’t be mad, I swear I didn’t knew…

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Its fine, you really have to screw up bad, like really bad to make her mad. Im more scared of the Lwa, spirits in vodou, try working with them to see if you are still in good relation, specifically the Ghede, spirits of the forgotten dead.

But your fine she really is nice, she is the patran saint of murders, drug dealers, and prostitutes. (Thats not all she is the patron of but you get my point)


@mehayoo, she won’t be mad. I agree with @anon39410973, that sigil is floating around the internet and people do use it and claim results but she has also told me she doesn’t have a sigil … and yes, that one looks like a veve, totally different tradition. She wouldn’t be mad, anything to connect with her it in principle good but I don’t know who made up / where that came from.


I hear she is like Papa Legba in a way and helps the poor the criminals the outcasts the mentally ill rejects of society also hear she likes offerings of cigs papa Legba likes offerings of money and metal coins…


I’m trying to learn more about Santa Muerte, do you mind PMing me?

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NEED HELP!!! So about 10 days ago I started using Santa Muerte I put a Red Statue, Red Roses, cigar, apples, candies, glass of water and a shot of tequila of course each day it was different offering. The first night I talked / cried to her about my situation. The first night I went to sleep I smelled cigar next to me but I hadn’t given her the cigar yet. So I wasn’t sure if it was a sign from her that she had heard my petition. So 5 days later I had roses down stairs on my table when I got home one of the rose stems buds and been thrown all under the stair where my husband use to set. So does anyone know if this are signs that she is hearing my cries? I literally sit with her every afternooon after work and cry to her about how I feel about my husband betrayal to our marriage and how i miss him and wish him to come back home. Does anyone know if she hears me and if she how long does it normally take for her to answer a petition?

Thank you,

Sounds more like a sign you need to do a ritual with her than a confirmation to me actually.

Apples and roses would work well for it, especially apples. red triangles inside a circle you stand in are a good idea in this situation.

Perform basically what you’re already doing but in a ritual format instead of a prayer format this time.

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Welcome @Brokenheart. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bout yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I can’t seem to find the topic button to post my introduction.

Go to the main screen, and it will be a big grey button on the right.

Yes they’re clear signs. You need to keep going with your petition as you do now, until you receive the results you want or you feel you gave it all you got, emotionally and mentally, and can’t do it anymore. This is the ideal way but you can also petition her once and forget about it.

My suggestion is that you use a 9 days novena with your petition. You can find it in many books about S.M after the 9 days you can forget the working and she will take care of it.

Nobody can tell you how long it takes for her to answer a petition, and it’s a bad sign from you to ask that question. Once you’re done, you must know that your answer is already given even if you can’t see it physically yet. If you’re emotionally attached to your desire too much, and can’t let go of it, then pray to her every day until you receive what you ask for.


Thank you for the advice! Do you think she will be upset with me for asking how long it would take… I don’t and didn’t mean to upset her if anything I actually talked / cry to her as if she is my friend.
I also will look into the 9 day novena I am very new to using Santa Muerte so that is why I am here to get all the help I can…
Thank you in advance!

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It’s totally ok if you already asked. She’s a saint, feel free to tell her all that you have in mind :slight_smile:
I’ll PM you shortly and send some resources that may help.

Good luck,

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