//ROUND 2.....FIGHT// 20 free tarot readings

@King_kemet your reading was very enlightening and I really appreciate your knowledge and the time that you have spent

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Make your question clearer and less complicated

A future reading please and can you tell me if the results I obtain are from a spirit or from my own work.
I glanced at you scan wise and seen you sitting what appeared to be on floor and doing tarot card you must be really active with your cards for me o see that in scan, I asked what card would be you and seen the magician. Sorry to scan without asking I’ve been doing scan for last like 8 hours so it sorta just slipped.

You over here secretly scanning me and shit. Lmaoooooo nah I’m kidding it’s cool. Kinda flattering. And yeah I got you.

Cool I do find it I retesting it actually showed you doing tarot like the devotion you must have to the cards for that to be what’s shown. So I have a new tarot deck I haven’t even used yet I should make a page for i later and break it in its the angelareum deck it’s a small deck but has pretty awesome images I was looking forward to getting the newest one they made but they cancelled the angelareum the watcher angels deck. I just have the cheap versions though they don’t come with book it’s pdf.

So yea do you want me to do a full on scan I don’t have a line atm and would be paying you back for tarot reading I’m half way bad at it lol but I’ve had some pretty damn good scans where I identified favorite flower and what spirit is there watching over thanks to them showing animal after normal image.

Yeah you can do a full scan. Send it to me. I’d appreciate that.

Ok I tend to just see what I see then try to ask for alot of random things like what’s there water zone look like lol I seen a beautiful pond all made of concrete and a doorway with round top standing alone with water overflowing all over it then I seen our again sitting on floor next to water doing tarot cards

My feedback:
Highly accurate and thought provoking too.

Thank you for taking the time to do my reading :blush:

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Send it through when ever you get the reading done.

Would you do me a reading on my near future please:D

Can I have a reading on, how fast will I get my desired result ??
Thank you

I would like one if possible

I keep getting pulled toward divination. So instead of begging for a free one, I’m willing to entertain prices. For yourself or any other recommended sources that anyone has.

Just a reminder, Ken, that no one on this forum is allowed to offer readings for a price. Only those designated by BALG are allowed to offer any kind of magical services for hire, divination included.

Well I am probably to late again… the one of the few drawbacks living in Australia but that’s is life…
But if your still feeling up to it I would love a reading as I am REALLY JUST going from one well crafted FUCKING disaster to another in a BIG CIRCLE! As I currently have major depression and ADHD I find that I am totally fixating on the wrong things it is like FUCK!!! I have done nothing but be completely side track again for hours and hours on another fucking SHINNY THING!
I think I and trying to do to many things and fine the bits that are still working so I can put my energy into using those to help me make some headway if you get what I mean.

P.S if anyone wishes to do a reading cards, energy, aura what ever it would really be helpful to get me to stop going in circles so I can at least focus on ONE FUCKING THING!!! tks

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I’d like one please.

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Just wanted to say my reading was pretty damn spot on, @King_kemet has skills.

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