Rituals at home

I live with my mom and I want to perform Rituals but I don’t want to perform Rituals while I’m living with my mom, any advice on what I should do?

Build an astral temple and do your rituals there.


It depends on some factors.
The advice by @DarkestKnight is good as that means its all privat.
I assume you dont want your mother to know of your practice.
The astral temple thou is not for everyone some wanna indulge themself in the complete psychodrama by performing the rituals and having all the physical tools etc.
And using astral tempel for me can be seen as harder as its not as tangibel as physical performance of a ritual but its up to the individual.
If you can use the Astral tempel and If thats not for you, try find a private space where yoy can performe your rituals.

My mom’s bedroom is next to mine, so I just speak quietly, but she does hear it (she thinks I’m talking with my friend)

E.A. has a video on youtube about this subject. He suggested finding a place outdoors if possible. You might want to take a look at it as he had some suggestions on what to do in this situation.

What’s the video?

The title was something about keeping you rituals secret.

How can I make a astral temple?

Use the search function and you should find posts about that.

First topic that comes up.


Dude, instead of just asking a bunch of questions all over the forum, you really need to start doing your own research. As stated above, use the forum’s search function before posting. We’re not going to keep doing the work for you.


Got ya

You could do rituals when she goes to bed. I mean, she does sleep doesn’t she, especially if you don’t get to loud and do it in a different part of the house.