Reply only by PM, NOT open forum,re; Dreadwood cult vs. BALG

I had no idea there was feud between the BALG and the Somnus Dreadwood cult. i just found a seriously one sided thrashing of BALG, by someone- and totally not quite understanding it---- sounds to me like afew people on this forum may have overstepped, but, I am pretty confused, i am not a “only This Ideology will be the only best way [true church v the world]”.
i am hoping by onlu PM or email, and not on the open forum can straighten or inform me. As I will be working hard into the M:. cult, I also love THIS HOME- but if and when i get a verbal shitstorm from an anti BALG or vise versa, i want to be able to not be flustered by either.
i look foreward to anyone who can Enlighten me in an intellgent reasoned discussion.

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The thread linked below seems to have generated an entertaining video by one Cabal member, you’ll need to read down a ways before it gets interesting:

I’m replying publicly because “he said, she said” and offering interpretations instead of simple verifiable facts seems to be the kind of drama certain personality type thrive upon. If anyone makes any claims, ask to see their evidence, this will always sort the bullshit from the reality.

That was the only contentious thread on here, there are other threads on their material that are visible via Search (magnifying glass icon, top right for those new to the software).