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I removed the following:

And below, will reply in a moment.

This is literally the dumbest thing to argue about. I am just sharing information to help myself, and anyone else out so we don’t like stupid.

You can misuse words all day long, good luck with that. This forum loves to bite anyone’s head off for not agreeing with some rando author’s works or whatever, I have no interest in at all.

I am not getting into a long, and drawn out discussion about why it’s important to use proper words in talking. Satan save me!

This is what my FFS was about (umpteenth time we have heard the same angsty lamentation). The rest is common knowledge and can probably pull up ten threads on the same topic.

You can add bookmarks to any thread ever.

The U.N. is saying we have less then 12 years. This timeline is going to die, and good riddance. Asked the spirits about my information.

This timeline of a fake Earth is caught between 5-6 dimensions, filled with stupid reptilians impostoring long dead humans. This cheap ass copy is breaking up currently.

In case my clarification wasnt clarified before:
Fake earth - check
Reptilians - check
Timeline death - check
Dead horse beaten - check

Why do you keep harping on this? Are you in a time loop? Is it Cern and the Mandela Effect?

This is Become A Living God…not Godlike Productions

And…why do you keep derailing your own threads with this topic?

Why are you even on MY thread? You are being rude. You like the 10th rude person on this forum I have encountered. You don’t like what I post then dont read it. Move on. Go away. Go start your own thread about me, it wouldn’t be the first one.

Ahhh…dont flatter yourself.

Dont be redundant and I wont be rude. Youre right, Im off because every thread you write ends in a rant about the fake copy of earth.

hits mute button

Thanks for the inspiration for my first magical tome; Redundancy, Cast Easy Magic That Will Leave You In Peace.

Okay this is out of hand, I am asking the following please:

@Kulina8 using “FFS” at people and “Dont be redundant and I wont be rude” is just silly, rudeness is not acceptable around here and threatening people with rudeness if they don’t post as you wish is definitely not okay.

@Purple I think perhaps people are distracted by what may be perceived as you stating that these words are no longer okay to use, or something.

If you object to us using these terms and have something better to use, maybe sharing that instead of just posting a definition we do not use anyway would be more constructive? :thinking:

But telling us we’re all at fault for somehow things to do with dimensions doesn’t get anyone any closer to understanding what you intended with this post.

So, can we please get that topic back to a constructive place? :+1:

I am not going to respond anymore to the rude comments direct at my way. I am going to flag them and let you handle it.

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