Remove unwanted individuals from my home

What would you recommend is the best way to magickly remove unwanted people from my home?
Backstory, myself and my family have had to move in with my grandparents, who have said that we will be able to buy the house when they find a small apartment. The thing is that that is not likely to happen until October ad they are incredibly rude and ignorant people. I have had enough, and want them out of my life. What, in your opinion is the best way to do that?

I am well versed in esotericism and spiritualism but I haven’t really explored demon magick before, so this is all relatively new to me.


binding spell

also go do an introduction or smthn

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Wait. Did you move in to their home out of your own necessity or was it just for kicks? And devil’s advocate; it’s their house. You have not bought it yet. But your post says remove from MY home. It is not your home yet, so…

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Out of necessity. It’s my home because where I live.

Have you considered a win-win spell to make all involved happy? In this situation I would see casting for them to find an apartment they love at a price they like to be the best option. It addresses the problem for both of you in a way that improves both your situations. You could also cast for money to speed the process up, or just cast for them to be less annoying, so the wait is at least bearable.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to hit the intro thread up; it’s a forum rule for everyone to do it when they create an account.


There are a lot of great ways to get them to leave non magickly.

Publicly shitting on the floor in front of them comes to mind.

Failing this, and using magick, simple poppets should do the trick. A poppet for each person, a shoebox to represent your home, and place the poppets outside the “house”.


Mind Manipulation.

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It has been my experience over the yrs that the old wives tale “you get more bees with honey than vinegar” holds great truth. I prefer to manipulate people and situations in ways that make them feel very happy about the situation changes and decisions that they think they thought up on their own.

If your situation is even remotely similar to the one I was in when I moved in with family, it was one of necessity and they basically bailed us out from being homeless. in my case the decision was unpopular with one of the home owners and caused tension behind the scene. Such private internal tension manifest often as asshole like behavior as subconsciously the source of the strife was being placed on the new living arrangement.

In this case, a hearts and minds campaign is called for. I.e. Prove your cohabitation is not a burden, to help balance the tension. Build rapport. Keep peace. While behind the scenes cast for them to find the place of their dreams for the best value imaginable. Happy parents are good allies to have when things get rough. Everyone wins and you don’t have to worry about the relationship tension within your own orbit if a more aggressive approach goes haywire. I speak from experience on the last sentence. Go for the win win. It will keep you in a more abundant mind set anyway. Food for thought.


My above suggestion is my personal preferred methods for family related workings. This is simply my own personal code however, of how I operate…

Of course this outlook changes when the players involved are different. If there was no connection through Bloodline conduits or strong relations then options get broader as it’s easier to shut the book and walk away with piece of mind on all levels…both conscious and unconscious. A state of praxis if you will, in regards to the lack of attachment to the outcome. That being said… Do some divination on different options and go from there.

I wanted once to remove from house i rented some annoying roommates, but with no baneful way. So i called Archangel of Mercury- Rafael, and asked him to find a new, better flats for them to move. One of them moved in the same month, and another- in next month.


try vovin´s freeze spell


Goofer dust spinkle it around, by as walking backwards mumble, bad health to enemy, room there in, or horrible neighbor, might also work with Death Dirt.:metal::zap:

You can use a binding spell to have them removed out of your home,you can use mind control spell to make them buy an apartment,you can evoke king Paimon and ask him to manipulate their minds so that they do the same,or you can summon Archangel Michael to get them out of your home :slight_smile:

Write their name on a slip of paper.

Burn each slip in a ceramic or glass bowl.

Think of your desire of them leaving.

Dump the ashes outside of town or as far from the house as you can get.

(Make sure you are calm. Centered. And in charge when you do this. So it doesn’t get violent. Think of them getting the apartment quickly or something along those line. Don’t go in angry and just imagine them leaving or it could backlash.)

Well, OP, you should never really hit the family- that’s bound to cause some problems!

You should try cracking the code of their behaviors, and altering that and pinning it to their reality tunnels. You can straight up ask their souls what the deal is and how you should straighten this out without conflict! Deities like Osiris, Anubis, Hades, and their entourage are good at helping with this sort of thing.

Emotion-sourced Spirits and lunar Deities are also really good at changing how people react. Lilith, Chang’e, Soma, Hecate, Neith, Tiamat, and their ilk are especially good at this!

There’s lot of planetary powers that can be aligned in a bunch of different ways to sing the body celestial. You can cycle just about anybody’s energies enough to flush out the garbage if you set up a precise altar! :slight_smile:


I live with one roommate that I want out. So I will try to get Rafael to assist.

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Try him. Or try call spirit that you fell most comfortable to work.