Remove jinn from my body?

what do you mean?

It’s a complicated process, first you need to have a ritual to identify the type of Jinn in your body. Because each Jinn needs different incantations and Talismans, day of the week to work etc. After that, the practitioner with the help of one or assistants would hold you in a chair or bed. Then he would start attacking the Jinn. This could take hours. But he should not stop - even if takes the whole day - until the Jinn is out, and the sign of it leaving the body is through part of the body… we use the toe because it won’t be damaged when it bleeds.

As I said it’s traditional but very effective. Can’t explain all details here. You need to seek someone who can do it in your country because it requires personal treatment. Can’t be done online.

This is the method I know for getting Jinn out of the body.

Side note : Do not take any advice from anyone about Jinn, if they didn’t work with Jinn before. And specifically handled such issue as yours, not just evocations or spell work. This kind of Jinn is aggressive and vengeful, so please be careful. Good luck

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Rub yourself, then the Jinn might grant you three wishes.

On a more serious note, I am being instructed that internal cleansing can be done by mixing a potion of cleansing ingredients such as sage.

Put some fresh sage in hot water and drink it like a tea.

If that does not work, add some other cleansing herbs to boost it.

Take a cleansing bath as well.


i will try thank you

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Why do you think that you should get a jinn out of your body? I mean what happened that you think there is a jinn?

I don’t get any jinn vibrations from you… Could it be that someone only tried to make you fear? Like “I send a jinn to you” ???:thinking::+1:


No, some Jinn Attack me and I want to get ride of them

I have not really done much research on Jinn, why would one attack you?

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I also don’t understand.

Were you summoning or something?

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No i had already a jinn friend. we were sitting normal and some other Jinn Attack My body, they remove my friend and now they hurt me

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A starting place for you:

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Who is your Patron/Matron?

Ok that is normal. The others will always try to hurt you. Your friend should have give you a “gun”.

The gun is a symbol but they always give you something to protect yourself.

And the other jinn is most of the time not alone… It’s like a jinn armee hunting jinns which cooperate unofficial with humans

Goooosh that’s sounds so blockbuster :thinking:

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Accordingly Jinn can not be seen personally, so If you have then it is not a jinn that your dealing with according to my limited research.


You can see them with your third eye

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I assume it’s ok to post this since it is an authorized source.

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i appreciate it! i am still doing researches i really need help