Regular sex can improve your relationship with a God?

To me, ocassionally I have felt that sex has been kind of a communion with them in the right context during an evocation (specific spells like lust, or simply sex magic) or when they wanted to communicate and teach something through metaphors, and sex was part of the whole puzzle.

Otherwise, normally I don’t think sex itself is an offering or a way to get closer to an entity. Not because I reject the use of sex as a magic resource (please most here walk the LHP) but because, imo, it seems irrelevant to my magical practice.
Everything I do, say, practise or communicate with the entities has got a practical purpose. Unless sex has one of the meaningful purposes aforementioned, I consider it superfluous.

But hey, each one to his own.


It is all about consciousness. Typically, some people associate fairly strong emotional experiences and focus with sex. As long as it is generally positive, it should be helpful. Just be aware, that the real power is your consciousness: the God is an unhindered aspect or entity of your own consciousness and not a separate entity.

The guidance is correct. There is only consciousness. Inside and outside are actually just structures of the same consciousness: illusions in the sense that they appear to be located differently but actually aren’t.

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