Reason I been sharing many money spells

I have had much success using money spells, over the last 20 years of doing them. So back in Oct. 2020, I decided to count my money spells how many I had collected up. The count ended up to be 5001 spells, I have collect, I performed exactly 1000 of them spells over the years, 998 being successful in working, 700 of them delivering amazing results more then expected and faster then ever, Leaving only 2 spells that have not worked for me at all.
That same night when I went to bed, weirdly a man of wisdom, came to me in my dreams and told me, I need share, and allow others to help themselves, I said to him in my dream what share my spells ? The man smack me upside the head, with the answer Yes screamed into my ear and woke up, sweating.

To tell the truth I have never used a spirit, angel, deity, or demon or satan for money magic. Nor have done much of any other magic but money magic. Doing money magic worked me like this, its like when your young the first thing you want is love, to find someone, you get determined and want it and make it happen, I did that with money magic, I wanted it so bad, I was determined to get what I wanted, and it worked. I had the love for the money I wanted, the love for the magic I was using, the love for receiving it !

So far I have shared 11 spells that have worked for me these were my beginning spells back 20 years ago when I first started money magic castings back in 2000.

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So today I’m gonna put the money spell list over a dozen with 3 new ones that have worked for me. So please use them wisely, and indeed do come back with success stories, if they worked for you as well.

Spell 1
Need: green candle, green paper, green thread and a coin


  1. Write down what you want on the paper and roll it and tie it with the thread.
  2. Now light the candle and place the paper and the coin next to it.
  3. Focus on your goal and repeat (ALL I WANT IT’S ALREADY MINE.)
  4. When the candle burns out remove the residue and keep it in a bag and leave it in the drawer and keep the paper always with you.

Spell 2
Need: a bowl with water and a gold coin


  1. Put the coin in the water and stand by your window on full moon night and hold the bowl with left hand and circle it with right in clockwise direction and say (BEAUTIFUL GODDESS OF THE MOON BRING ME MY WEALTH AND FILL MY ARMS WITH SILVER AND GOLD. EVERYTHING YOU GIVE MY WALLET CAN RECEIVE.)
  2. Do it 3 times, then spill the water on the ground, return the coin to the wallet and spend it on the first chance, so that the energy of money starts to flow.

Spell 3
Need: Any candle will do


  1. On a full moon night pull out a wick from a new candle light it at the same time from both side and say “ AS ETERNAL FIRE AND MY SPIRIT ARE MARKED WITH GOLD, SILVER AND GOODNESS ”.
  2. After saying it just extinguish the wick, And always remember to carry the wick with you wherever you go, like while buying a lottery ticket or while asking your supervisor for promotion.


Well, I been getting an overabundance of private messages for requests for lottery, greed, I need 10k, 20k, 100k spells. Well if you wanna really dab there I’ll place two that will do them for ya. But endure the life force behind them, nothing that instant don’t come without something in life not being easy a long the way.

Spell 1
Need: Strong intention to receive it, and energy

  1. First you need to be prepared for what your gonna do, stronger intentions for instant shift into getting what you want, sooner then 7 days, black candle and put your energy into that flame for long as you can. Before reciting the mantra !!!

  2. Chant 1108 times on any given night, as soon as you chant that spell 1108 times, then at the same time, you will get as much money, as you want on that overnight.

SOHAM - ultimate reality ( and best want what your asking for ) ( and be PREPARED to handle large sums of money )

MAM - main cause ( to what you want ) Mostly ( GREED )

**Black Magic Knot Spell **

Need: Art Thread Black ( meaning it must be a high quality thick threading ) for this spell

chant KARU KARU SAKHAA KARU DAKSHA 108 times and make a knot in that black thread, in such a black thread you have to knot 108 times and while hitting each knot 108 times and you have to chant that spell and when 108 knots are made, then the thread Must be buried in the ground, as long as the thread is in the ground, till then you will keep getting lot of money and you will never be short of money !


I must say it nice to see you around @Lady_Eva you been a great inspiration to me on this forum over the last year. Happy News Years to you.

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And to you too! :sparkles:

Thank you for sharing your work. :smiley:


Most Welcome, there is much more coming, from love, to physic, to protect to healing Just posting one subject at a time January is money month lol.


I have been doing money magic, and I told you in dreams that I need to want hard. in December i wanted to make the year-end bet, but the voice said that i need to prepare, i need to want money to think about money, and to have betting papers in hand and ask the universe for numbers. I’m tuning in because I made money from people and two tarot runs speak of money coming. I asked the universe for the first number and I dreamed of it but I still can’t share. I dreamed of thoth who gave me more numbers, it was a puzzle I solved and it was the number 7oo and I saw 007 thoth was laughing because I managed to get it right. I’m going to do another spell and come back to say if it worked.


This is one tech. that really brings all money spells together above quote


yes i understood why i am detached with money and first the voice in the dream said to like money. I also said to imagine gold coming. as you said, you really need to want to strengthen, and by making the magic have the right intention for the money to arrive. i’m preparing everything i bought lots of green candles and herbs. I will do the magic and come back to tell thanks for posting this.

I like that you want to strengthen your skill and energy, and prepare. private message me a HI and if you like more on how you are preparing. and later this week Ill send you a preparing that will blow your mind :slight_smile:


yes i would like it very much and i will do it .because i am on the right track i will wait for your message, thank you very much.

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Thank you for this post man! Just what I need. I will also try your spells from other posts and see how which approach will work for me.

I have a question. Why green in this particular ritual? I’ve seen a number of money spells that list green and some list gold, the reason for gold is because money isn’t green everywhere but gold is universal. Reason I’m asking is because I’ve done money spells with just a normal white candle, sometimes no candle at all, but a match to light the paper.

Green represents the thought of money, and allows your intentions to be stronger by using it.
Gold represents the worth of money, and allows your intentions to be stronger by using it.
By using either or its your imagination and thoughts and power from what your using to represent what your asking for, or wanting or wishing.


I would like to know if any of my money spells are good enough for most, or do I need to post some darker shit lol… let me know. All I have posted I have used and had results none are untested.


Interested, pls pm About making ‘emotional potential of greed / being Rich / making money’ in my ego

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I can also share a simple moeny mantra that I found and I get a small amount of money after repeating it 108 times:
Egyptian Money Mantra
it’s Om LaasuunKaan Bsharoegh Brzeeshreeng
or in my way of speaking it: Oooom LasuunKaaaan Sharroeegggh Breeesiishring


You need to scroll down in the money/law section here I have plenty posted for greed.

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Hello there sorry if I did not understand it but what is the cost for this spell Black knot spell I mean what kind of price I will pay for it?
Thanks in advance

I never had any problems with knot spells, no back lashes or back fires, but then yet I never asked for anything over 25,000 either.

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The basis to the spell is to chant it 108 times, make a knot each time and bury the knots in the ground, so that earth consumes your money wishing, as long as it not washed up or dug up, the spell will keep working for you all your life, making sure you’ll never be broke when your in real need.