Realism In Magick

Hello, I am currently following E.A. Koetting’s Mastery Evocation guide so I can learn to see and hear spirits into this plane of existence. One of the exercises is to get into the T/G Sync and see the outline of an imaginary object (such as a lamp) onto the scrying mirror.

My question is, how much practice does it take in order to be able to see this? I have been doing it for a couple of days but a given timeline would help me mentally prepare. If you haven’t done this exercise, then how long did it take you to go from starting the T/G Sync to seeing spirits in the T/G Sync? @DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva @C.Kendall @Uncle-Al

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Thank you in advance.

Try doing it without TGS first using this method:

Then you’ll know how that feels, and can do it more easily with TGS.

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@Lady_Eva Should I do this method that you describe with my eyes closed or open and just kind of staring into space (the ward method)? And once I do it then what, go back to what I was doing?

Do whichever is easiest first, then begin aiming towards the full method described in the Mastery guide.


Liber MMM by Peter James Carroll is very good, indeed.