Questions about servitors

Thank you for the reply and time. Yes, it is random as I’m a little frantic by this. I am having the exact same experience. Even twisting, sometimes it becomes very hard. I’m just trying to figure out what is going on. Do you recommend I get that book to understand more ? Thank you

Also, I felt someone place their finger or hand on the center of my forehead and was pulling back or forth, soft pressure. I felt a little sore after, I wasn’t sure if it was an attack or help to awaken or activate something. It was right on my pituitary.

I did more research looked at chats. and the toes are for pituitary and sinus pressure points. My nose is stuffy in the mornings after this takes place. I feel a slight small pressure in my head.

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I can’t say for sure if your experience has the same causation as mine. But I do recommend the book as a good guide to getting your energy system flowing. Following the methods in it (which are very straightforward) you can unclog your energy system quite well. This does open up energetic routes that were previously stuck.
I worked it daily for some months. Many strange and sudden sensations occur. For example, it was not uncommon to feel a sudden very strong sensation in some part of the body, which then bursts out from that area to another area in an expanding sensation that’s like ice combined with pins and needles (but not painful).

Forehead sensations are common in energy work (or as a result of it), from my experience. I get strong forehead (within forehead as opposed to outer surface of forehead) sensations during any kind of energy work or when doing any kind of telepathic or magickal work.


Angel, you seem determined to not listen to anything because it’s not an answer you want to hear, as evident in your latest post. I’m not taking any more time to try to help you, when you don’t give adequate consideration to those with actual experience.

Best of luck.