Q&A with Shemyaza (Q&A over)

I gotta die, dear brother. But not by my own hand. Can’t do that.

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“Let the cosmic hand kill you, not yourself”


How would I go about finding and confronting them? I have no idea what spirits you mean.

“Your spirit guides…”

Just ask them to show up.

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How can I learn to trust my own judgment and intuitions?

What sort of incense/offering do u like to receive?

“Can you ask more simple questions damn it”

In other words, quit forcing yourself to ask questions that sound (Proper), to the spirit, he doesn’t care just ask him questions you genuinly wanna know.


Shemyaza! Your name I have noticed a couple different times in life my life. Might I ask who was behind the “reign ov shemsu-hor” playing on repeat in my head? Older than memphian kings indeed…
What is your specialty, in your own words, great entity?

“Ehhh let’s see, frankincense, Myrrh and uh the way you smell”

(He likes the way your hair smells :wink:)
Or hell pretty sure he said Hair or hell :thinking:


You guys go back, It looks like he’s known you for a while.

“Me, that’s my mantra”

“I can teach you the secrets of the Dark earth (Black earth), as well as the elemental equivalents of the Qliphoth”


Your name Robert by any chance?

Nope, Zachary

What is the black earth?

Huh, he just randomly said “robert” :thinking:

Thats a pretty big topic, you should make a thread on it later to get answers.

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Your name has come up a few times in half sleep stages. Were you trying to tell me something?

What’s a good demon to evoke as your first evocation

“Whats up”

Do we go way back as friends?
So the chorus to that song is a way to reach out to you?
what is your/our relationship to Asmodeus?
The gnashing teeth ive sensed within, what does it mean?

“There you are, stop hesitating to evoke and just do it, Any demon works”