Psychic attacks

When negative entities merge with you there emotions become your emotions…
Closing your chakras be placing black spheres around them can protect and make you invisible from them… but this only last a few hours after that clean your chakras with white which aids in reflecting their energy and rebalancing your own then re-close them… also you should be building your defences with gold meditation and/or ALGIZ… this has aided with the majority of negative entities I have encountered… but not all… also you gotta perform banishing rituals during a waning moon preferably starting in Capricorn or Scorpio… but it doesn’t really matter… if you need specifics on any of these ask and I’ll go super into detail! I’d spent a lot of time dealing with curses and have picked up a lot!… also WUNJO can aid with making you more positive and optimistic!

Its my own energy

If you would like to know how i know ill tell you privately

Also i dont any have ritual supplies

Also i am the negative entity more or less

However its mostly negative energy and someone i hate

Also ask lucifer if ive dedicated my soul to him or wats the deal with that