Prosperity Spell

Ok i see. I will try evocation and just ask. Is the spirits of this square Angels?

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No, they are benevolent spirits under Oriens, the demon of the East, according to the book the square comes from, The Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage.


You did this 2012 right? I saw that post as you say spirits under Oriens. If ju want to share what you got from this. :grin:

I’ve used the square a few times. The most I have ever received was $650 though.

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Ok so more then once. But you did get money! Thats awsome i think. :grin:

Well, I draw out a new square each time because I burn it once the result comes in.

Ok. But should it be still effective? Do you ever recive the amount you ask for?

What do you mean? Of course it is still effective. I burn the square after I’ve received the money I have asked for. When I have need for the square again and draw a new one, it would be just the same as the previous one, like any spirit seal.

Of course I have. I asked for $200, I got $200. I asked for $650, and I got $650.


Nice. I will try this as soon i have the time. And tell you The results! :slight_smile:

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Can someone post the pic or link to the SEGOR square spoken of.

Just use the search function in the upper right and type in “Abramelin Money square.” It has been posted to the forum many, many times.

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These demons are under Orions?

Yes, that is what the book says. It’s Oriens though, not Orion.

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Thank you for correcting me, it is the same chap we think of, though.