Prosperity Spell

So whats a good all around prosperity spell??? Were should we perform it to get the best result ( at home or at work or does it even matter)?

Use the AbreMcmalin square SEQOR found in chapter 28 of Macgregor Mathers vesion of the Sacred Book of Abremelin the Mage. I’ve seen an real increase in my business since opening the square. Since opening the square my phone has been ringing everyday with people asking for guitar lessons or offering me paid gigs!!!


@ZachD555 What are your thoughts on the Steven Guth translation of the Abramelin and new squares? Just as effective or not as much so?

Honestly I heard about the square in another thread on this forum. Supposedly EA gives this square out at his speaking engagements so I just went with it. I also gifted a friend with a square that I had opened, he’s a local DJ, and immediately his business spiked and he was hired by an exclusive ultra-lounge within a couple of weeks. It works so no need to change the recipe.

So did you have to actually visualise your friend and his specific career improving when opening the square?

I had opened the square for myself and it was already drawing work to me, I only had it a couple of days at that point. But did a group ritual and gave it as a gift to my friend. When I gave it to him I saw money flowing to him and more money coming to me because I gave him a gift like that.

the AbreMcmalin square SEQOR. Is this one i made the right square?

Are you a threadomancist?

Haha what do you mean?

I did not see that the thread was old so. :thinking:

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@Addi666 That is not the correct square for money.

The correct square is:



Ok i see. Thx for the information. :grin: That one i maked is that not for wealth at all?

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Is it working with out doing any thing to it or should i try give the square my intentions.

I don’t recognise that square so I don’t know what it will do.

To use the money square, you need to open it like you would a spirit seal and visualise your intentions, while calling out the names of the spirits.

As you visualise money coming to you, once the square is open and the names start flashing, call them out as they appear: “SEGOR, please bring to me $1000 (or whatever amount you need. Don’t ask for ridiculous amounts, obviously). EGAMO, please bring to me $1000, GAZAG please bring to me $1000,” etc.


Ok thx i will try this. :slight_smile: How many times can i do this?

Once, the same as working with any spirit seal. You open it once, charged with your intent, and then you carry it with you until the result manifests, and then you burn it, giving thanks.

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I have a thought. :thinking: Can i ask the spirits to make the square a money generator? And making a seal of it. So that the spirits will work when ever they se i run out of money helping me to at least have a balanced income. :slightly_smiling_face:

No. The square doesn’t work that way. It will not provide you with unlimited money whenever you want it.


Ok i see. Thx for your advice. :muscle::slightly_smiling_face:

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To fully empower the square, you are supposed to go through the 6 month Abramelin Operation to receive the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Since the full operation is unnecessary to simply use the square, perhaps if you do go through it, you could use it in that way. I don’t know as I have never done it.