Power current?

What is the most powerful current?
A big question to ask im sure!
In your opionion and experince what is the most powerful current you have experinced?
At this moment of time i feel like i am “tip toeing” from “current” to current.
And now i have the desire to fully submerge in to a current and stick with it.
For some reason i feel the pull to Ahriman I have been working with mainly Lucifer. I feel like he has been my guide accross the “crossroads”.
Any advice for the seeker?

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This is gonna have as many answers as there are practitioners and currents. With answers varying between how much of depth of exposer to a certain current each peraon has.

For example i have more experiential time put in to elemental than planetary which i have explored for years.But i have explored the necronomicon longer than either with the aim of gaining knowledge i can turn into wisdom.
This is combine and on thier own more than what i have put into black magic of ahriman but the result have been at time more intense than either on their own.

But the current also has its own method of exploring elemental and planetary magic. The latter being my current focus as well as exploring concepts and ideas that came to me as a result of exploring thw necronomicon current. Alot of synergy builds and has a snowball effect as i dig deeper.


This thread has already been done…


I think it depends on the practitioner. Some currents will be powerful in ways others aren’t and not everyone can do magic in the same way. Chaos magic is a good example really; the theory is that you can control virtually anything, but most people become very dogmatic in the way the theory is executed. I’ve talked with someone once who explained she did a “reconstruction” ritual of her beliefs. The problem with is that when you discard your beliefs to pick up new ones, you end up with the same beliefs. I don’t remember who but someone from an earlier time tried a similar experiment, he threw out all of his beliefs and tried to rationalize why God existed or couldn’t exist. He ended up getting back to where he started. Most people don’t think to rationalize why what they already believe may or may not be rubbish. They hold on to them like geckos hold on to the ceiling. In Chaos magic you learn how to adapt belief instead of relying on belief. It’s not a comfortable idea for some people, who are usually the ones who find Chaos magic dangerous.

So, it really does depend on what you are good at, what you want to do and what kind of work you can do.


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This cannot be answered by anyone outside of self. It is subjective and personal expectations and interests will dictate how powerful any system is. The reason is that these expectations and interests equate to passion and energy which get invested into the work itself. I believe you messaged me regarding your interest and calling toward the Path of Smoke and you asked for advice. Here is my simple advice… Do the work. People often over complicate things. All of the advice I could possibly give is in the text, which is why the text was written and gifted to mankind in this Aeon.

I say none of this to be facetious. I say it to give you honest answers. These answers must be sought out by the magickian through their own experience. They cannot be handed over. If that was the case everyone would simply follow the most powerful system and throw the baby out with the bath water.


Thank you guys for commeting,
really busy at the moment i will give a greater response soon!

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