Post in this topic to meet people close to you!

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Long story short I live in the Bible Belt. So it’s really hard to find people with the same interests as me. I was wondering if there was like an occult dating site of some sort? Or even one to like make friends close to you. I’m not sure if I can post round abouts where I live on here or or. But I would love to meet people around my area so that we could learn together and stuff. I’m also down to meet online friends that don’t live close. I’m just really introverted so it’s hard for me to get close to people and when I do I just don’t wanna jump right into the subject.
If anyone could help me out on this that would be great. Also here’s a pic of me. In cause anyone was wondering what I look like


Hey I’m from South Carolina. If anyone lives there please let me know. Also I’m down to talk to anyone that is just beginning out like I am too.
Mostly I would like to see who is close by me cause I would like to try to make friends and like meet up and work together.


I’m in Georgia


Bible belt here as well, but very far from where you are. Im lucky our bookstore has an occult section, limited as it is.

I’m from near Cincinnati Ohio so eh…

I live in Seattle.

Mesa, Arizona.


Hey man, I just saw you in SHEMYAZA - They DON’T Want You To Know This Demon, on E.A Koetting’s channel, fat props! ^^


Nothing special bro. Thanks though. I hope people start working with The Watchers and opening their gateway into the world like what’s happening with the 9 kings


Georgia here to.

Cool what part ?

We’re close ! That’s pretty cool

Well we can all help each other out online

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Where abouts in the Bible Belt are ya ?

Louisiana, the giant boot that smells how it looks.


Close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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How close …I’m in south ga

I was called to hawaii last year. Supposedly theres a super powerful and famous magician here in Honolulu? I was told 2 weeks ago by a local native family that im the girl feom their secret prophecy come to enlighten them. Wasnt expecting that however they do need a leader and guide all they have are churches and their language and the meanings of sacred words have recently been forgotten. Army base put on top of very scared ritual site where im told the stones use the words and pictures to tells the story which is clue to the words meanings however access to it for them is denied.
I brought two magicians here in the last 2 months with the help of orobas. He has yet to stop helping me and even has asked one to curse my ex whole absucted my child. Funny I wasnt trying to curse him but i started seeing intense repeating visions of him dying manybways especially large bolt going through his shoulders neck sides etc. I let it go on cause i kinda felt he deserved more than that for keeping my baby from me 2 of her first three years of life lying that I didnt try to see her. More recently he started sending people to hunt me down (why lol) well crazy… Orobas and Marutukku the only entitiys I worked with till veheiyeh recently…those two were mentioned to have been contacted by both of then and told to protect me! A little nervous however i was soon attacked by live in land lords im sure doing voodoo hoodoo. And i got super ill like almost in the e.r. for trouble breathing serious. I was given instruction to use psalm ro summon veheiyeh. It worked . i went to the hearing the next day it went well. But now hearing of this prophecy and how I was called out here to Hawaii seem connected even more so that I think orobas led me to an order where i feel comfortable and then lead the two magi to me. One specializes in cursing with death magic…he cursed my ex and his mom and my landlord and was about to bring belial to court i said no thats enough cursing. He felt attacked and uncomfortable after i told him I summoned an angel he got scared and quit talking to me… I have a bad feeling hes going to cause trouble on this island…he evem said he was going to curse the whole island the same day the earthquakes thst led to lava eruptian started. Didn’t even know till the 2nd day but as soon as I heard i immediately believed he was somehow involved. Quite possibly natives forced off island due to lava will end relevent to this journey. I actually dont even question why im here now or what my purpose is. Just feel like I need a bigger team. Quite recently last week there has been magnified acitivity regarding poltergeist like events pregant wives or those with kids whos husbands are gone long term and who live on the base obscuring the sacred ritual and burial ground of the chiefs… Are terrified nightly. Getting pics videos their digs growl lights change doors slam. As well as since the deathmagic guy got here I noticed more activity in general.I believe his initial intentions to help me were good but maybe i was wrong for a change cause it seemed veheiyeh may have saved me from more intense drama than he already caused. Anyone know the guy in Hawaii? He must also have a clue about what im talking about. The natives believe demons and ghosts will never haunt them only white man… And specifically me they said Cause of my bloodline that is a mystery at best but I feel like 13th tribe of Benjamin… Jesus or so descendant. i was recently informed by mother she had an exorcism right after i was born (mustv not worked) but my true family history seems to be deliberately hidden from me in every way possible. I know im cherokee and French. But a along time ago the rapper future tried to marry me hes secretly Jewish and had to find an ounce of jew in me for family approval. Found that im part Jewish French. My last name means in training to be a knight. Traced My adoptive grandma roots to fairly recent templar knights on and master masons on both parents sides. I stopped questioning ir cause I have ancestral memories stronger than all others. The most special native family is the wisest i met so far love me beg me to come by just to hear me speak.they spent time with me each desperately then kept getting togetehr to talk about me quietly then tested me with questions they got very excited and spoke again before mentioning that i am the one drom the prophecy. And so much time went by I had to leave. Been too busy to go back there. I feel like this is why orobas sending me protectors.cause I am already a target I know many more will seek to destroy me need to find anyone here available or possibly one of u may have info i have yet to perceive…also I consdiered opening the first lidge of my order here but its ritual in general that turn me off. What about an order that is only for those of us with natural strong ability to get serious results with only focused intention not requiring memorization of so many technicalities and only accepts those who can demonstrate it lol id be down for that . I focused intention on removijg the blinding spells the bull demon in my exs house had her under and holy hell I cslled her and she spoke to me for 2 hours on the disturbing things going on she was seeing fornthe first time too. Usually we can get past a few minutes. She has gone back to blocking messages from me .that was my first try at anything like that. Im just kinds weirded out by the the way all the locals who speak with me on things that matter to them instantly consider whatever I say and immediately say it helped open rheir eyes or mind to their spiritual laziness and yes they are under attack most of them and this was unheard of before like they domt believe it would happen so they are blinded to it I keep seeing a strange elongated purplish gray hazy thint show up floating over my dauhhtet when she sleep i have to run it off cause she start moaning.keeps coming back twice a week since the deathmagi got here . I dont think he did it. But im sure somethint is going on. that is localized I was told theres a brotherhood here protecting the nexus from attack TAT brotherhood? Anyone know how to find them02|690x388

Uhh I’m in Belgium :frowning_face: want to meet people too

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