Physical manifestation?

Chicken bones, Broken Glass, blood

Well you can always read the book and get more info on Papa Legba, Then do a grand ritual the week after.

I’m waiting for the dark moon before i get into mine, im sticking to prep work till then lol.

I’ll probably evoke them tonight as I’m a hoodoo practitioner versus a voodoo practitioner. I saw damballa slither around the corner

These are probably aspects of your consciousness that you created when you meet the crossroads. I would recommend some cleaning of death energy specifically if your seeing a bone necklace man. Contact Amaymon if you do a reading on yourself or your house and it does not read “alive” for healing

Ok I got it straightened out here’s who’ve been appearing: ogun, damballa, agwe, samedhi, legba, kalfou, lucifuge, belphegor.

The loa were trying to get my attention through breaking things (they know I don’t like that, or I’m assuming they do)
I’ve been told to expect initation into the voodou mysteries, initiation in general, power and change. I’ve also been instructed to keep kalfou close and to pathwork the qliphothic tree.

Papa Legba is the Sun God in voodoo and Papa Kalfu is the Moon God. They are twin brothers

What makes you think you can banish a loa?
They leave only if they want to leave so just stop wasting your time banishing them and connect with them rather.
Even E.A couldn’t banish them.