Petition to Sitri and Asmodai

Yeah, this is the first time that this kind of thing is happening to me (in dating terms)
And this is the first time I have tried this sort of magick, well 2nd (first Sitri, then Asmodeus)

I don’t have any enemies or know anyone who is into occult so I dont think anyone would put a curse on me, but still I would like to know: How do I go about scanning the situation and possibly cleanse whatever it is working against me ?

No problem then since it is the first time but make sure you document your workings so that you could tell when things go south.

You can get a reading from the free reading that comes up in the forum now and then.

Also, you could trade scans in the scan thread.

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Thank you, I will look into it :pray: :+1:

I would say no curses against you involved her. Believe me when I say the resistance and emotions one holds within is enough sometimes to stop a spell working.

I know some of the most devout religious non occultists who are scared of the word even who manifest things on the spot even without intending things to happen or thinking about it. Honestly don’t sweat it. Why don’t you try and find someone who is interested in you? Change your intentions. Trying to get someone who isn’t interested in you is like playing a game of tug and pull with a rope with a person on either on.

Use a charisma, glamour. Make people notice you and make them think wow they’re cool.
Then step two second working draw in the people who NOTICE you and are interested in as a result of the first working.

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I appreciate your input and what you are saying slightly applies to the first ritual (Sitri to affect person X)
And she was interested in me by the way, just not wanting to meet thinking I will only use her for sex.

I don’t have an issue with charisma or glamour, like I said I am not new to this, I know the game.
My second petition was not directed at an individual, and it was working fine.

Anyway, the only thing I can think of is that when I thought “Thank you Asmodai” instead of Asmodai I said Astaroth and then corrected myself :grinning: this happened few times.

I don’t think that would be an issue though, what do you think ?

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No not at all. You are fine.

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I would say it’s as simple as they did not feel that it would be the best for you. Yes, they do handle requests but they’re divine beings so perhaps both of them did not feel that it’s what’s best for you. Maybe there was something about her that you weren’t seeing, I know from personal experience that if you ask Asmodeus for something he deems a bad request on his behalf or even because it’s bad for you, he will manifest it in the opposite way for you to learn a lesson. As someone suggested before, your best bet is to simply present them with another offering and see why they did what they did.

(edit) If you don’t mind me asking such basic questions, what protections are you using? Do you cleanse often? Any negative energy or lack of protection against it can either block your connection to the divine and bring in unwanted energies or even screw with results on your end. Forgive me for asking such a silly question, I just feel as if this could be a potential cause.

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Hi there, no, not at all, you can ask me anything, I am new to magick and keen to learn.

I just did the first ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s DoM book, and used the basic protection with 5 archangels with kabbalistic cross and a disk of white light.

Yes, what you suggested does make sense, I am quite relieved now to be honest, perhaps this is best for me. I will however try ritual 2 and do a connective evocation and just ask them. This will be my first time doing ritual 2, so excited :smiley:

Yeah, I’d advise against that before you cleanse your space and learn how to set up extra layers of protection. There are so many different methods around- I recommend you look into it for a while. It’s likely that you brought in parasites or they were giving you a smackdown for not being careful magickly.


Wow, that’s interesting, thank you so much, I will definitely look into it :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello again, I’ve been reading a lot on cleansing since last night and watched few vids and wondering if cleansing my room with saltwater to banish unwanted energies would be sufficient ?
After that I am thinking of invoking 4 cardinal angels and meditating in their presence to cleanse myself.

But I am wondering how wise it is to banish something which I have invited myself… I have done like 7 demonic magick within the last 6 months (in the same room) and according to the book (WIinterfield DoM) it is not possible to invite anything else since I am using the right sigils and evocation keys…

And another question mark is that within the last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot on Lilith and I had few spiders in my room ever since, I didnt kill them at first but they got bigger and more so I killed all of them thinking I am just being OCD, this can’t have any connection to Lilith. Also for the last few days I am having sexual dreams.

So my question is, should I just clean the room with saltwater and ask archangels for light and protection ? And next day invoke Asmodeus again and ask him why did my petition have opposite effect.
What do you think ?

Saltwater would work yes. If you can add any essential oils to the water that would be great. Personally, I use resins and sage to cleanse because I really like the heavy-duty shit, but hell you could even go to the store and get yourself a bell for $2 and use that. Though with the magick you’ve been doing without protection you’re probably gonna need to do full banishing rituals and cleansings for a bit.

Regarding the invitation thing- you invited in demons temporarily for them to leave when your ritual is done. But, it seems you have gotten parasites who you did not mean to bring in. Parasites are not the ones we go seeking (well, some do rarely) but that doesn’t mean that just because you used a sigil and their enn you can’t invite anything else. Yes, the chances of drawing the attention of the actual force are very high BUT whenever you do any magickal act there is an effect seen in the other planes by everything around. Anything can enter at that point if it is strong enough. That is why we layer our protections a ton.

Well, it is possible it could be Lilith but (I’m assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere) spiders are very common this time of year and your brain could be making the mental link because of your research. Your dreams could be just about anything.

All in all, no. Cleanse the room a lot for a while. Research just about every protection method there is an use it. I love witches bottles, sachets, evil eyes, bells on the doors, sigils on the wall (usually infused with moon water because I’m in a house that likes new age spirituality shit sadly), I throw salt (black salt is preferable) in the corners, doorways, windows, and near mirrors. I also absolutely adore crystals. All of these things are easily found to research (and buy lmao) on Google. When it’s time to invoke/evoke again cast your circle and all. Cleanse your space before the ritual for at least the first few times. Give it a little while, I waited months to contact anything and in those months I set up a fuck ton of wards.

And honestly, it may not even be necessary to have a full evocation of Asmodeus to get your answer. Granted I do pathworking with him but usually, when I want an answer I’ll just ask aloud before bed and sometimes I get my answer in my dreams, but if that does not work do the evocation after you’ve set up I’d say at least the very very least 10 of those wards.

This is also very worth reading. How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things - #95 by Faustus

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how do you set wands??

Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason G. Miller is good. You can find some stuff on YouTube as well. A lot of Wiccan related channels have some decent stuff on warding against parasites.

Not to be that person but I checked your profile and well, this is shit that everyone needs to learn before doing evocations or really any magick in general and you should know. :neutral_face:


i do regular banishings, just didnt knew what wands was

Maybe add Orias to the mix for the added push since he can change minds.

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Banishings should be paired with wards. Wards help prevent against needing to banish constantly in the first place (not discouraging them by any means though).

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k i’ll try salt one then, it seems much easier

You shouldn’t take the easy way out here. Layering many methods of protection can save you from getting fucked over in many situations especially if you utilize magick often.

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her higher self doesnt like her being magicked and sent her signals to forsake you. sometimes (i’d say a lot of times) magic doesnt work, that are the causes when higher forces have something to say. most probably it’s to teach you being more ego-less. that’s how i see it.