Pet Consecration/Possession?

The title of this thread says it all. I want to make my cat into a familiar. Has anyone done anything similar ei consecrating your pets in ritual and/or inviting one of your familiars to possess it? I understand that this is very much a contrived witchy cliche but thats kind of why I like the idea. I have conflicting views about it cuz I love my cats personality and respect her as the powerful being she truly is. If anyone has gone down this avenue or has any suggestions any and all info regarding the topic would be greatly appreciated.


Ask your cat if she would like to be your familiar.

From what I understand of a witch’s familiar, usually a spirit is attached to the animal. This would seem the kind of thing you might want to get your cat’s permission for.

I posted a way to communicate with your pet here:


Seconded, get the cat’s permission and try working with her higher self, not any external spirit.


Pets that hang out during rituals get infused with magic over time. This could manifest in abnormal intelligence, physical ability, your magic being empowered when their around and longevity(most likely other stuff as well). Some witches have been known to feed their blood (or breast milk/other bodily fluids…) to their familiar animals to enhance the bond and various rituals exist as well for this purpose. Binding a spirit to a pet can be done, but if done permanently, the animals own spirit and personality goes bye, bye. Better to just make the animal a conduit for manifestation if this is what you desire. Doing so, the animals spirit and personality remains in the body but is empowered each time the spirit bound to it temporarily takes over, as happens when we ourselves invoke or let spirits, gods or goddesses possess us. My post mortem plan for my cat is to bind his spirit to his cleaned out skull, which is why I’ve been been performing various rites to make him stronger since I got him. Helpful little critter he is


Just had to post this, found him sleeping in my circle.


I think if you want a familiar ask for your familiar to come to you, and keep your eyes open. There will be an animal that comes to you out of the blue and if you’re paying attention and listening you will see that this is your familiar. I’ve had it happen repeatedly. The first time i was not ready and had to let the little guy go to a good home. Since I’ve moved I’ve been blessed with not one but 2 familiars. One little grey brat is currently lying between my legs as she always is. The other is sleeping somewhere probably dreaming of catching butterflies. Shes always jumping up the walls. What else could it be!? Fairies maybe. Anyway, if your current pet is not a familiar it might be best to leave her be ans love her the way she is.

As far as pets becoming possessed. I do know that they, like humans can be and are often vessels for beings. My dog has shown me that the various entities will go in her for a cuddle or play time. Her personality changes depending on who is in her. So unless this pooch has multiple personality disorder, i attribute it to her being possessed by the entities that are in our house. The different personalities are stable and recognizable. There are about 3 that use her body. My familiar cat, Pheonix also is a vessel occasionally for a being. Though i believe it is just that one entity that goes in her. I’ve only recognized that one aura in her. Anyway I hope this helps answer your question a little. Ultimately the decision is yours. Good luck. Your familiar is out there just waiting to meet you!


Not your circle anymore… :wink: :cat2:


Truthfully this is a rather common occurrence, he generally moves on his own if I look like I need the circle for something. He just likes the lingering energies, and knows the altars are off limits.

My little shitheads won’t stay OFF my altars! When I’m diing ANYTHING that is remotely magickal, even just meditating they will pop up suddenly and be up my butt and staring in my face trying to help. Personally i think they like the energy and want to take some when I’m meditating and raising energy. But if I’m working the altars or trying to do a ritual they are all over it. How do you get them to stay OFF!?


My cat is a maine coon. With the training he got and the reinforced bond from various rituals he’s gone through he takes orders better than my old dog.


A cat that takes orders…?:exploding_head:

Can we talk about your plans? I have my Sally. Sally Pickles to be precise, named by my daughter when she was 5. But Sally is getting up there in years and I’m kinda freaking out trying to figure out what to do when the time comes. I can’t stand the idea of just dumping her in a hole, and I would love to have her on my altar with me… but the idea of DOING that is just … I can’t see myself actually doing what would need to be done to have her skull and other bones with us after she dies. What are you planning for that? Are you going to prepare and clean the bones??

By the way, if you got your cat trained, (bowing to the ground on knees) teach me your ways, oh mighty one!!! Please! (and do these skills work on teenagers by any chance!?!?)

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Wouldn’t be the same as having an Urn of a family member above your fireplace?

Nova obeys these commands as long as I project my intent a bit: stay, come, lie down, give paw and attack. Also plays fetch. I just trained him patiently with a lot of snacks since he was a little kitten. Maine coons are known to be particularly good (for a cat) at following orders but almost any cat can potentially be trained.
I indeed intend to clean the skull and bones of Nova when he dies, and bind his spirit to the skull (meaning as vessel, not prison) this skull will get an altar of its own, with regular offerings making him stronger over time. I have not yet decided what method I will use to clean the bones as my cat has potentially 7-15 years of life to live. I’m leaning towards the ant nest method at the moment.


Ok. Yes. It would be. And that is not the problem. What I’m freaking out about is, ok. I’ll just say it. There i am looking down at my dead cat. I don’t want to just bury her and not have her with me. I would much rather have her on my altar. Now. Great uncle Olaf over there on the mantle had people take care of it. They just handed me a nice fancy urn with his ashes sealed inside it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Now. To get Sally where she will ultimately rest, (yes I’ve got a friggen trench around this damn bush already i been around it so many times) i can’t see myself gutting and skinning her and handling her like all those deer I’ve helped butcher. I can’t cut off her head and clean it. How do you… how would I get her altar ready???


You don’t hack off your relatives head and either boil it or put it in a compost or ant nest,do you? Its not an easy process for a beloved pet

With training yes lol :joy:

Oh god. What a thought. So what do you do? Where do you find these services?

And how hard is it for a cat to cross over? What spells do you do with your cat now to awken and empower her? I’d never even thought of that before.

I misunderstood it. Kinda.
Some people have Urns, others have Bones or a tool (sword, amulet etc) crafted by the deceased individuals body.

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