Personal Power Sigil

This works: make a power sigil, A. O. Spare style, for which forum member thatrandomguy did a tutorial here.

But it doesn’t have to be a statement (things we want are often transitory) - mine has my name, the name of a goddess I favour, and other stuff, for example. And you can incorporate Runes, heiroglyphs, Greek letters, whatever is your own personal thing.

Stitch it into your bra on the left (over your heart) if you’re a gal, or boys can stitch them into a vest or whatever - embroider it in suit jacket linings with matching thread so the design doesn’t leap out at observers (did this for my sweetie).

Right now I’m tricking out a refurbed biker jacket for my friend and painting it inside the back, having made her power-sigil and blessed it and done - well, stuff. :wink:

If you can get this power sigil worked out and charged so it has meaning for you, the uses are almost limitless, and I won’t post any details about my own successes with this because that never seems like a good idea, but trust me, this works, and knowing you’re wearing it is pretty cool.

I used to draw bindrunes and stuff on myself in marker pen (never said I was sane!) and then dress over them, but that’s messy - while I still like the technique, working them into clothing feels more grown-up and is also more adaptable. Link them to a planetary or other oil that stays on your altar, feed 'em with that oil like a mojo bag - I’ve been doing this recently as well on my leather jacket.

You could probably use a herb-infused white spirits like vodka or gin for fabrics, I haven’t tried this yet but essential oils are too heavy for some things, just make sure you don’t smell like a brewery!

It works - I also posted a while ago about carving symbols inside plastic rings, you could do this with bangles or pendants, and boys could do the inside of a tie or something.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Oh yes, the personal power sigil is truly limitless!! I tend do favor the DIY method, but then again I’m not particularly into tuning into atavistic symbolism due to collective connections. Either way, you can trick out sigilization to do anything… period lol.

Bumping this thread, because I’ll probably be using it once school starts.

@Lady_Eva is it still available?

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Yes, the link broke when we moved platforms, I have updated it and the post is here:


I actually used a similiar method when I first began working with sigils. While I prefer using numerology and planetary squares for my own work (will write a topic on it eventually), I do recommend anyone new to sigil magic to use the method that was shared here.

As for my personal sigil, i used the lines on my left palm to create it and draw my own power when needed. Creating a sigil that way also serves as a reminder to strive for ascension as whenever you look at your palms, you are reminded of your goals. Or at least that has been what it has done for me


I don’t think I ever heard of that before, any chance of a tutorial? :smiley:

We have so many people reading quietly who cannot openly have magickal things, because of their family or culture, that may be a very important help for them. :thinking:


Sure, I could do that.


Bump I, for one, would be most interested in studying this techinque.

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Here is the thread I wrote on the technique. I hope you find it useful :slight_smile: