Partner and I just separated and I received a sign immediately after

My partner separated with me and immediately after I saw the numbers 222. My ex rolled over looked at the phone and 222 was displayed. What could this mean?

While I was traveling on my magical path I found Angelic # meaning - According to this ’

Awesome all around and sorry for the cheesy website link. I like Fluffy Bunnies and Satan

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After the sign we got right back together… So is this a message telling me I’m on the right path by breaking up or…


I am going to say Your on the right path and you both stopped at a road block… and your back on track. Love is the greatest fucking mystery

I am great at seeing road signs its using them in my life that screw me up

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And now I’m seeing 333… C’mon universe what the fuck are you trying to say!!!

Yup, there you have it. She’s pregnant! Grats? :wink:


Very funny!

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I’ve seen some odd stuff over the years, too. People dissapearing out of thin air, numbers and even odd pictures and photos with various messeges to them.

What is the direct correspondence with the numbers 222 and 333? An increase by 111. What causes that increase within a relationship? A child? Who knows!? At least it seems to be a sign of moving forward. Keep looking for the numbers “444” next, and something or some one is pushing it forward.


angel%20number%2022 Hi friends,
Need some help from you experts out there.

For the past few months, I’ve seen the same four digits everywhere I go. Somehow, I catch my eyes.

I’ve seen 2222,3333,6666 and 888. But 7777 and 1111 has a higher frequency than the rest.

I think my angels or spirit guides are sending a message to me.

Could someone kindly enlighten me and help me decode the meaning?

Thousands & million THANKS

Smile Always :slightly_smiling_face:

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