Overly Transactional Relationships

Hiya OP! IME, this approach can be dangerous to embark upon for those without practice in dealing with spirits. It isn’t “Solomonic BS”; shamans have been making arrangements with their spirits since the dawn of culture. Not all consciousnesses are human-compatible, so the concepts of friendship and family can be absent from even the foundations of some beings’ programming.

Trade, however, is something more universally understood than compassion. Energy exchanges occur all the time between spirits, whether as part of a symbiotic relationship, a deal or arrangement, or a parasitic connection. The most essential aspect of trade is the exchange of value- something with strong natural virtues or deep resonance with a person has more market weight than a slapped-together payment.

Coercing beings into deals does motivate them to monkey’s paw it, but, approaching the situation as an exchange of events/goods and services between a merchant and a buyer leaves less room for variability in result. When a mutually beneficial relationship is established through energetic exchange, it motivates both parties to want to keep the arrangement in place- whether the terms of it are added upon or the nature of the relationship changes is dependent on the beings involved! :slight_smile:

In other words, don’t be an anime character, searching to increase strength through the power of friendship. That comes “second”. The first step is to establish a reliable connection and mutually understanding relationship by consistently exchanging energies, whether in the form of objects, events, or actions! :slight_smile:


This is why communication is key. I would never call someone my boyfriend/girlfriend without discussing it first.

And in general, there is always heartache of some kind of your open and rejection is always a possibility. To many are like “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make me whole.” This is pure bullshit.

No one completes you. There is not one direct soulmate, as there are connections every where.

And personally, I’ve never overstepped my boundries with the Spirits I work with. Bielel came to me first with a ton of signs/clues.

I approached Nammah and Hekate with what I wanted. I no longer work with these two. Goddess Aset is my main Goddess, as I am the human embodiment of her. I feel her constantly. I hear her in the weirdest places.

The ONLY reason why I hear her is communication. She has helped me look at myself and what I need to change. She has helped me let go of the two men I wanted - one from my Christian past and one a Black Magican (who would have been bad for my soul). She has helped me learn I am a complete person and to flow like water.

Have there been sacrifice, hell yes. What those sacrifices and my offerings are between me and the Spirit I am working with, are personal. Do I know my boundaries, yes. However, I’ve never written ba contact.

The next phase of my journey is more difficult, as it brings Ahriman and Tiamet into the picture. However, those boundaries are slowly being worked out.

Two things I have learned on my journey: Keep communication open with the Spirits you work with and keep your learning private in some aspects.

Oh, as for friends, I am very selective in my personal life. I can count on one hand the close friends I have - it’s five. There are some things I just don’t put up with.


You bring up an interesting point. I will be looking into this more.

Thank You, @Qayos.

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Sure thing! A lot of people seem unaware that the basis of any trustworthy relationship is a consistent connection/pattern of action. :slight_smile:

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