Not hurting those closest to you

I was just wondering how the people that are big into baneful magic protect those that are around them from…them. I have seen in E.A.'s teachings that you become the spirits that you keep company with. If you are into baneful work, how do you prevent yourself from becoming more aggressive and negative to and around those that you possibly live with? Perhaps its easier for me to just use binding spells to avoid such a change in my demeanor, but I once I invert my pentagram and start calling for Azazel, Baal and others, Yes, my enemies start having nightmares and get all fucked up. But…I become more emotionally unstable and hostile…even towards those that I love, which is a double edged sword.
Help? Insight?

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Focus on the positive reason that you’re doing the work, whether it’s for justice, or for a better future for yourself, someone else, or the whole planet, and discharge all the hatred and negative energy into the work, so that once you’re done you feel purged of it.

If you walked into a basement and your foe was tied securely to a chair, and you pummelled them into unconsciousness, or maybe beat them to death with a crowbar (that last being a visualisation I like to run before cursing, to see if that alone will purge my anger or resentment of someone, plus to test whether I am even that annoyed in the first place) then you wouldn’t expect to walk out from the unconscious or dead body still pissed, right? :wink:

It would be done, the crunching, slapping, and wimpering would have done the trick - well, it’s that same feeling that you’re looking for.

I like to come out of this kind of work feeling like a holy avenging Daemon, not so much like a nasty little person throwing out spite-waves. :slight_smile:

If you don’t feel you have a positive reason that gives you that holy (unto yourself) feeling of anger and clarity, just work with protective wards for your loved ones, I’ll copy a link to a beginner-friendly walk-through for that below and also you can include “Harm none that I love” or suitable wording into both the opening and closing invocation of the spirits.

Walk-through on creating wards:


Ok thanks!

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@Lady_Eva I have been very busy so I have not been able to reread this post and work through it with any questions that I might have, but I will get back to it very soon…including the link provided.


I will say from my experience, permanently letting go after a bane is DIFFICULT. It creeps back into my mind all the time.

My solution has always been to put it away into the bane when it pops into my mind. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I generally treat these instances like watching the bane twist and turn on its way. It might need a little extra gas to get through an obstacle, so I pour in a little extra power in the form of that spike of resentment or anger.

However, that resentment CANNOT go anywhere else! Always put it in the right place, especially if you already have a spell going.


@Lady_Eva Ok. Read it. Worked through it mentally. Good stuff. I have not done any hexing since I started my latest pathworking but I will definitely keep all this in mind.

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Where I’m coming from…

Having had a ceremonial (rhp) background with a Thelemic Magickal (Teaching) Lodge and soon after being forced to read Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll I appreciate the importance of banishing rituals, the psychodrama these entail and the uses to which these should or can be put.

You’ve got the rest of your life to get great at banishing first, then invoking. And it’s time well spent! When you can perform the rituals quickly and silently, your body changes temperature and you break into a sweat you’ll be real close to internalising the pentagrams.

Magick is dangerous! Left hand path Magick is extremely dangerous. I’ve see a Goddess beautiful, big titted, rhp practitioner fuck herself beyond all recognition via The Book of Abramelin.

On our path all the more so, mental health is something that litters and lingers long after those who fall by the wayside…so to speak. That’s the way it is on our path. Rejoice!



Yeah well, it really was not so much the spirits messing my mind up as much as it was my attitude from being in subjective synthesis. But yes, I do a banishing of “all this is outside my true will” prior to every spell.

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For the record…I am not blaming any entity personally for my screw ups. The energy current is a gift from the gods (so to speak), but the baggage in my sub conscience that causes me to get all twisted is another matter.

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Try the Black & White Mirror exercise. My postings were for general edification and not aimed at you, or at least not you alone. On our path mental alteration happens. You just need to be able to deal with that. One tried and tested way is pentagram rituals.

Keep up the good work. There are so few of us and so many of them.



@Uncle-Al, Thanks, man !